Hello kinky people!

I was wondering if you would help me out with something. My boyfriend is really into the idea of face fucking me, and to be honest, it turns me on as well. I love giving him head, because it is the perfect combination of submission and control. To know that it could turn either way is such a turn on for me. The problem that I have is in the mechanics of face fucking. When he is laying on his back and starts thrusting it just keeps jabbing into my gag reflex, and even when I try to be on my knees we run into the same problem, but this time I also start to lose the ability to breathe. While he is on the longer side in the penis department, he isn’t that girthy. How do I train myself to be able to take part in this to satisfy both of us?


Well hello there yourself! Okay, so you are a little scary, but we like that. The turn on you are getting from knowing that you could do damage to a penis is making those of us that have a penis cross our legs right now, but honestly, we are kind of into it.

Okay, so to the mechanics problem. You only mention two positions that you have tried to make this fantasy come true. Have you tried any others? One of our favorites is to be laying on a bed on our back with our head hanging over, mouth wide open. Your partner could walk up and insert, and hopefully this new position would allow you to take more of him into your mouth. You also did not mention the shape of his penis. The curve of certain people that own a penis can make a big difference when it comes to any position that you are interested in using.

You did mention the length of his member. Sometimes just an inch or so extra can be problematic for the person on the receiving end of a penis. One of our favorite products to combat this is the PerfectFit Brand Stackit Cock Ring. These super stretchy soft rings are great for lots of things such as helping people maintain an erection or adding some padding for hard thrusts. If you get more than one you could put them on your partners penis in order to give them the ability to go for the vigorous thrusting that they are desiring without activating your gag reflex and killing the mood entirely.

You seem like an adventurous person, and someone that is in control of your sexuality. We hope that you can find a work around so that you and your partner can both be satisfied.

Dear Alaskans,

My girlfriend and I are having a disagreement about oral sex. For me there is nothing hotter than watching her go down on me, and just before I am about to cum, having her look me in the eyes. I also like it when she looks at me while I am going down on her, and I can see the pleasure as her eyes roll back when I am making her cum. She will reluctantly do this for me occasionally, but I want it all the time. She says that I am not accepting her limits and that I need to back off. Now this has started to affect how often we have oral sex, and I am frustrated because it’s one of the best parts of a sexual relationship for me. Should I back off? I am not sure what to do here.


Um. Yeah. You need to back off. This is a simple consent issue. If your girlfriend is consenting to go down on you but does not want to make eye contact every time, that is her choice and you don’t get to ask for it after the first time she says no. Full stop.

There could be many reasons that eye contact during oral is a limit for her. She could be working past some previous religious ideology in her mind that made her believe that good girls don’t do that, (spoiler, they do, and it’s awesome), or it could just be that making eye contact distracts her, or makes her feel awkward. Then again, she could be fantasizing that your are someone else, someone that doesn’t ask for her to do things that she does not want to do. If we were her, we would be.

Her limits are her limits for a reason. When you ask her to push past them, you are not being a good partner. It seems to us that you have made it very clear what your desires are. Maybe someday she will do that all the time, maybe she will never do it, or maybe she will save it for special occasions or to reward you for not looking at her when she is trying to pretend you are someone else. Regardless, it is her body, her choice, even her eyes.

Short answer. Stop trying to get what you want while it makes someone you are supposed to care about uncomfortable. The fact that you said she “will reluctantly do this” is gross. You should have stopped typing at that point and given yourself a talking to. Don’t be an asshole.

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