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This week was Fall equinox, followed by a bright, full, luminous moon. The leaves are changing color, flashing bright yellow contrast against these clear blue sky Fall days. It’s beautiful, yet at the same time I know the cold is coming. I’m not the biggest fan being chilly; in fact, I loathe it. I’m one of those perpetually freezing folks who piles layers on like a mad woman from about now until May. Along with freezing, I also sometimes get a little melancholy this time of year.

I’m not sure what it is. Something almost nostalgic sets in when the light gets a little dimmer and I get all of these feelings. It’s weird. It’s happened my whole life, so I’ve learned to navigate it. I like a Sativa-dominant strain to utilize during these times. I’m looking for uplifting, for energy, as the light fades and my body sets into hibernation mode. I need all the uplifting I can get.

I’ve written in the past about my favorite strain for combating the blues, which is Grapefruit Juice, cultivated by The Frost Frontier. This isn’t always an option though, as strains are only available every few months depending on harvest. Supply and demand. So what do I turn to in the meantime?

Currently, I’m loving Mercy Fruit Haze, a Cannabis Classic winner produced by Mercy Tree of Anchorage. There’s something about the smell of the mercy Fruit Haze that literally makes me want to bury my face in the jars at work. The terpene profile is incredibly pleasing to my body, which insists on inhaling the scent, deeply, over and over. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. The boys at work were kind enough to share their knowledge and taught me that the smell I’m loving is the classic Haze aroma.

Mercy Fruit Haze is what happens when we cross Cherry-Lime Haze with Gorilla Glue. The result is absolute heaven for a girl like me. The smell follows through to the taste, creating a lovely sensory experience. For me, the effects are mostly in the head, giving me a positive mindset for all the crappy parts of life I have to participate in (because I’m a responsible adult, doing responsible adult things), like laundry, or cleaning the bathroom, or doing the dishes. You know, the fun stuff.

I thought for a moment about telling you about the THC or CBD content on these strains, but then I decided against it. It would be ridiculous to dismiss this strain because it doesn’t hit the 20 percent mark. It’s consistently been one of my favorite, go-to strains for the past few weeks since it walked itself into my life. Let’s be clear about something; I’m not picking this strain because I want to get as weed-wasted as I can get. I’m picking this strain because it makes me feel good. I like the way she looks, I like the way she smells, and I like the way I feel when I smoke her. I don’t care what her numbers are. No woman needs to be judged and accepted or rejected based on her numbers. It’s bullshit practice with humans and weed alike. It’s time we stop thinking in terms of maximum THC and start thinking in terms of feeling, which is individual and can’t necessarily be quantified.

Mercy Fruit Haze is a beauty but like the Grapefruit Juice, she comes and goes depending on availability so a third option I’m loving is Lemon Ice Pucker, brought to us by Guest Services. It was close competition last month at High Times Cannabis Cup. Many of us who participated in the event suspected Jon Guest might take home the win with this incredible Lemon G x Sunset Sherbert flower, featuring Cannarado genetics.

The Lemon Ice Pucker tastes exactly like she smells, with a strong citrus aroma. The flowers are the huge nuggets we’ve grown to expect from Guest. When I broke mine apart to load it into my bong, I found little pockets of golden goodness, where the flower had seeped with amber goo. It was like breaking into a gold nugget. I felt like I stumbled upon magic.

Like the Mercy Fruit Haze, Lemon Ice Pucker gets me up and moving. It’s an active high. For me, it helps me energize and focus. The strong lemon aroma lifts me up, keeping me from sinking into the bog of eternal sadness that can be the impending doom of winter approaching. But hey, let’s not get too dramatic. While yes, I like skiing, hockey, and all the snow sports, I like them better with Lemon Ice Pucker in the world.

Besides being two strains that I find helpful in combating the blues that can accompany the cold, I like these two because I like the people that grow them. That means something to me. I believe we each vote with our dollar, so I like to vote for people who I want to support. I like Jon Guest with Guest Services and I like Bashall Redzepi with Mercy Tree. These guys are both honest, humble, hard-working gentlemen. They each consistently deliver quality product. They’re a pleasure to do business with, making a point to interact with their distributors. If needed, Jon will jump right behind the counter and answer questions for customers, an act I’ve witnessed myself.

In Alaska, this means everything. We like to support the hard working, honest, every day people. People like ourselves. We like to back the guy with his feet on the ground, in the game, passionate. That’s what I see in these two guys and each of their businesses. Hats off to Mercy Tree and Guest Services. You guys are doing a fine job.


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