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My question is about a certain type of sexual play that is a curiosity to me. I have heard that anal play for men can be very stimulating, but I have no interest in playing with a man in order to figure it out. I also haven’t been able to find a woman that is interested in satisfying my interest in exploring this area of my body. I am curious if you can explain how I might find a way to bring up this interest when I am speaking with future sexual partners. At this point I am single, but I am looking to get kinkier in future encounters, and hopefully find a way to bring this up that won’t gross women out.

Sign me,

Butt Curious

Well hey there curious. This topic has been featuring itself quite a bit in conversations that we are having with our friends lately too. It could be the fact that pegging is one of the top trending kink searches, or it could be that rimming is now a standard in porn the way that facials used to be.

For anyone that is not as sexually advance in Google searches as we are:

Pegging: A woman penetrating a man, usually with a strap on, to achieve anal stimulation.

Rimming: analingus, otherwise known as eating ass in the same way that you would orally stimulate a vagina, or as known in prison circles; eating ass.

Facials: the act of cumming or squirting semen on someone’s face while ejaculating.

For many people anal stimulation for all genders and sexualities was once seen as taboo but is now becoming mainstream. It comes as no surprise because as our friend Ashley said a decade ago, “Blowjobs are the new handshake, rim jobs are the new blow job.”

When it comes to sex, we must start understanding that we have nerve endings over our entire body and not just in our genitals. Our nipples and feet can be wonderful, for others their eyelids and lips are incredibly erotic. When we start to explore these parts of our body it can be exciting and strange. For many men, exploring the anus region of our bodies is especially taboo because of cultural homophobia and high school level teasing that have made the idea of “ass play” off limits.

Here is the real deal. Ass play is fun for everyone. It feels great and if you are educated it can be safe in many ways. We as humans have a lot of points on our bodies that we don’t realize feel good until we get a little curious and start exploring.

Your question was specifically about your sexuality, so let’s discuss that. We are going to assume from the way that you worded your question that you are a cisgender man. We apologize if that assumption is wrong, but if it is correct, awesome! That means that you have the necessary equipment to feel some pretty cool pleasures.

The reason that anilingus, or eating ass feels so good is because there are so many nerve endings packed into that area. Even just some lubricated finger play around the outside can feel wonderful! Also, it is something we aren’t used to, and that is always good. Our personal preferences are to do this deed right after showering, but to each their own.

The next step after stimulating the outside of someone’s anus is to go inside. The pressure, insertion, and in your case, prostate stimulation can be amazing when done with the right amount of patience and more lube than you think is necessary. Seriously, there isn’t a such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal exploration. This part of the body is very sensitive and has delicate skin. Things like clipping your nails properly are extremely important when making sure that everyone has the most fun possible. People that are born with a prostate are lucky to experience the truly sublime feeling of having an orgasm in a way they never knew possible.

We aren’t sure why the concept of pegging has become so popular, but it could be that people are starting to realize that dynamics and power exchange can happen between the genders. Many of the women in our group are turned on more by the idea of penetrating a man, than the actual physical pleasure that they receive from the act. The concept is the erotic point for them.

Based on this knowledge you should be able to find more than one partner that will enjoy doing this act with you, but you may be looking in the wrong circles. “Please lick and fuck my ass” is not exactly a great title for a Tinder profile, but if you keep looking, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. There may be other sites out there such as that will be able to help you in your search for the kinkier things in life. You could also consider dating apps like Bumble, which already give power to the woman in the exchange.

The other piece of advice that we would give is being honest if any of your encounters start to move from casual to long term. It’s never good to get into a relationship without being honest about who you are in that moment. Asking for play like this down the line can lead to awkward conversations and confusion. If you know that it is something you want, you might as well bring it up right away.

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