Sam Moore

Sam Moore

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I'm reaching out to you in hopes of some clarification related to the your recently announced EO-14v2 specifically Attachment A "Operational Requirements for the hospitality sector:"

Mandatory Safety Measures:

" No loud or amplified music or other performances are allowed, indoors or outdoors. Any music that plays must be at a low enough volume to allow physically distanced communication with waitstaff without shouting."

-Would this preclude all karaoke, or would seated and subdued karaoke be permissible? If karaoke is allowed is there any Municipal guidance on proper microphone hygiene?

-Define "other performances" Assuming they're not excessively loud, are any of the following permissible: juggling, stand-up (or seated) comedy, mimes, burlesque, clowns, etc... Are there any performance acts that are allowed?

-Those in the community who are hard of hearing, or have low-vision issues, are they allowed shorter physical distancing?

"No dancing is allowed, indoors or outdoors."

-Define "dancing." Would this preclude any dancing between members of the same family i.e. at a wedding reception held at a bar while still open to the general public? Would socially distanced line dancing fall outside of this definition? Is dancing allowed at hospitality establishments outside of this particular EO. i.e. a wedding reception held in a hotel ballroom or fellowship hall at a place of worship, even if wine were served?

"Table-service only; no standing or seating at physical bars / bar tops. All patrons are required to be seated."

-Does this specifically preclude the playing of billiards or darts? Darts while seated?

I guess my final question is if I can go stand in an establishment, drink a cold Coca-Cola, and throw an ax, why could I also not stand in a bar? Either your definition of the hospitality sector is too narrow, or your mandatory rules are arbitrary, at best, and not based in science and data as you have suggested.

Thank you for your time, no answer to these questions is expected.


Sam Moore

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