Alaska’s edible market has come a long way since it first began. We have choices now. Gone are the days of being forced to eat past prime Rice Krispies treats containing unknown levels of THC. We now have a developed market, with choices. Variety, friends! We’re starting to see it, and it’s exciting.

I’ve been dreaming of the day when we’d see healthy edibles hit the market. My friends and I have fantasized for years about being able to buy infused granola, or snacks we could take when out adventuring; healthy snacks that would fuel our bodies. I don’t always want to eat candy. In fact, on my best days I avoid sugar entirely. So why do I want it in my edibles? I don’t really.

Enter Lady Grey. I’ll admit, I’ve had a bit of a fan crush on these ladies since I first saw their marketing. Holy cow! These ladies have incredible taste. It comes through in every facet of their work. From the talented artwork on their logo and stickers to their on point in store marketing, Lady Grey has their game down.

I’ve been reaching out for months to feature them here but it turns out Lady Grey’s a team of dedicated, passionate, hard working, humble women and they’re not really into the whole interview bit. I have a feeling if I wait for them to be ready, this article won’t ever get written because I know that type…they’re too busy killin’ it to sit down and take praise, so I’m going to piece together the little bits I’ve learned from our few brief interactions and share with you what I’ve learned so far.

Long story short, if you haven’t tried Lady Grey products, you owe it to yourself to give them a try.

The first thing that caught my attention was an Instagram post featuring Almond Joyfuls. You see, I know these little balls of goodness by another name, which is Bliss Balls. Bliss Balls were introduced to me by my naturopath, Abby Laing, several years ago while exploring sugar-free treat options. They instantly became a favorite in my house and those of my friends. To come across a cannabis-infused bliss ball named Almond Joyful seemed like a little piece of heaven, judging by Instagram. But you know how it often is — the picture and the product don’t always match up. Guess what, though, this time they do. Lady Grey has the presentation down. Besides being appealing in the photos, the products are equally as appetizing in real life.

I wondered about the gluten free cookies. I don’t have a gluten sensitivity. I’m blessed, I guess. I can gluten it up all day and remain relatively free of discomfort. This makes choosing gluten-free options tricky for me. They have to be good, like incredibly, spectacularly, out-of-this-world good. It’s all about texture for me; if the texture is off, the whole experience gets ruined. I’ll admit, I doubted that a gluten free cannabis cookie could actually taste good.

Friends, I was wrong. This was one of those times when life challenges everything you think you know. Turns out, a tasty, gluten-free cannabis cookie does exist and I think I’d even prefer it over a gluten option. The texture is incredible in the Snickering Joyfuls. There’s just a little tange of citrus in the dough that adds a nice bite of interest to a favorite classic. Who doesn’t love a snickerdoodle?

And do you know what’s even better than a snickerdoodle? Snickering Doodle Cookie Dough.

Feel free to eat it right out of the package, because let’s be real, nobody needs to waste their time baking it. A ball or two of raw cookie dough is good for the soul on occasion.

I can honestly tell you with complete sincerity that every product of theirs I’ve tried has been well worth it. The golden-wrapped chocolate almond sea salt truffles are out of this world and the mocha sea salt cookies are one of those things that could get me into trouble because it’s tough to stop at one or two. Everything about those little cookies is perfect to me, from their lovely little size to their soft texture. The sea salt sprinkle on top is just the right accompaniment to the rich, dark chocolate.

Now all of this is wonderful and good and should certainly be tried, but the real glory I’m absolutely in love with is the Sunny Day Granola. It comes in single-serving packs of two tablespoons, which at first seemed a little on the small side, until I dumped it into my yogurt and realized it’s just the right size for a standard yogurt serving. Brilliant! What a wonderful way to start off the morning! This is also the perfect snack to pack along on a trail or any adventure that requires a quick burst of energy with a little extra infused goodness in there.

They don’t just have the tastiest, most beautiful edibles I’ve come across so far, they’ve also got a work ethic I respect and admire. They’re a mom and pop cultivation and manufacturing business, owned by Jack and Tasha Grossl. Together, they employ a team of 5-6 ladies to work in the kitchen. They’re all moms with kids, so Lady Grey does what they can to accommodate family when scheduling. The ladies have known each other for 10-plus years, making it especially wonderful for this crew to get a chance to come together as a team. The love they bring to the table shows clearly in the products they offer.

Thank you Lady Grey, for bringing some class to the Alaska edibles market. It’s an honor and a privilege to find you.


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