The Anchorage Concert Association invites Alaskans to marvel at daredevil antics, circus acrobatics, mechanical wonders, and a bit of clowning around with Cirque Mechanics Pedal Punk, coming to Anchorage April 7 through 8.

Cirque Mechanics has established itself as a premier American circus, with its unique approach to performance, inspirational storytelling, and innovative mechanical staging. The New York Times called Cirque Mechanics “exceptional, evocative, eye-catching and grossly entertaining ... in a word, excellent.”

The synergy between man and machine, the hallmark of Cirque Mechanics, is demonstrated in its show Pedal Punk. Audiences enter a Steampunk-inspired place where cycling is the way to escape the technology-obsessed society, and experience the excitement, artistry, and thrill that occur when a wacky bike shop mechanic interacts with cyclists and bikes. He repairs more than broken pieces; he creates wondrous machines that come to life.

In addition to their public performances, Cirque Mechanics will also perform two shows for students and visit Goldenview Middle School.

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