On December 3, 2019, Jessie Evan Sergie was sentenced to an agreed upon sentence of 25 years with 5 years suspended for one count of aggravated sexual assault in the second degree. Sergie, age 28, will also be on supervised felony probation for five years. 

On October 10, 2016, Anchorage Police Department officers responded to a report of an 18 year old woman, K.W. who had been awoken by Sergie having sexual intercourse with her. K.W. reported that Sergie, an acquaintance of hers, had been at a party at her residence when she went to her room alone to go to sleep. She awoke to Sergie having intercourse with her. She told Sergie ‘stop’ and ‘get off’ but he ignored her and continued to have intercourse with her. When contacted by police, Sergie admitted to digitally penetrating and then having intercourse with K.W. despite her saying “stop.” 

At sentencing, Superior Court Judge Catherine Easter listened to testimony from K.W.’s mother, who spoke of the severe and long-lasting trauma the rape had caused her daughter. Assistant District Attorney Saritha Anjilvel told the court that the proposed sentence would send a message, not only to K.W. and her family, but also to the community, that such conduct will not be tolerated. In imposing the sentence, Judge Easter referenced the epidemic of sexual abuse in Alaska, saying, “It’s tragic. And it has to stop.”

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