At 12:50 PM on April 15, 2020, Anchorage Police responded to the area of Fred Meyer on Muldoon in reference to a trespasser who had become violent. Officers made contact with Fred Meyer employees who stated 39-year-old Justin E. Saunders walked up to the booth by the gas pumps and made contact with the employee who was inside. The employee asked Saunders for his ID when he stated he wanted to purchase cigarettes. The request angered Saunders who began hitting the glass shield with his hands and yelling at the clerk that he would kill her. Saunders’ behavior put the clerk in immediate fear of being injured. Fred Meyer employees stated Saunders’ had previously been trespassed from their property due to his inappropriate behavior.

Officers located Saunders walking near Creekside Drive and 10th Avenue; Saunders had bloody hands. Initially Saunders was cooperative with police. He was handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car to be transported to the Anchorage Jail. During the ride Saunders became upset and began yelling obscenities. He challenged the officers to fight. Once they arrived at the jail Saunders’ behavior escalated even more. Saunders turned his body sideways in the back seat and began kicking the patrol vehicle window all the while challenging the officers to a physical confrontation. Once backup units arrived, Saunders was removed from the car and escorted inside the jail for processing. While waiting for the jailers Saunders stated several times that he was going to kill the officers.

Saunders was remanded on the charges of Assault III, Disorderly Conduct, and Criminal Trespass II.

The Fred Meyer employee was not injured. The patrol car window was not broken during the incident.

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