At 12:22 AM on February 6, 2020, Anchorage Police responded to Tesoro at 101 E Northern Lights Boulevard in reference to a robbery. Initial indications area that 32-year-old Nicholas F. T. Huskey walked into Tesoro, picked up some merchandise, and then went to the counter to pay for it. Huskey proceeded to swipe three different credit cards, none of which would work. Huskey left the store and then came back several moments later. The second time Huskey told the Tesoro employee he wanted to purchase the merchandise with a payroll check that Huskey wanted the employee to cash for him. Huskey produced a check, credit card, and an expired ID card; none of the three items were in Huskey’s name. The payroll check Huskey was attempting to cash had an issue date in 2016. After laying everything out on the counter, Huskey pulled a weapon out of his pocket and told the employee the gun was “in case things went ba d.” This action placed the employee in fear of being robbed.

The employee told Huskey he would need to make a copy of the check; during that time the employee was able to call police. When officers arrived they saw Huskey standing inside Tesoro at the west end of the counter; the handle of a handgun was visibly sticking out of Huskey’s jacket pocket. After placing Huskey into custody without incident, it was discovered the handgun was actually a BB gun. 

Multiple IDs and credit cards were found on Huskey’s person; all of which belonged to other people. A computer check confirmed that some of those items had been previously reported as stolen to APD. Huskey was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on an existing warrant. He was additionally charged with Robbery I, Theft II, Fraudulent Use of an Access Device, and Assault III.

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