At 11:35 PM on Friday, May 1, 2020, a mid-shift officer saw a 2014 black Dodge Durango drive through the intersection of Old Seward Highway and Tudor Road at approximately 100 mph. Due to other traffic in the area, and the officer’s location, he was unable to follow the Durango. The officer immediately aired a locate for the Dodge over the radio. Moments later an officer assigned to the Impaired Driving Enforcement Unit (IDEU) saw the Dodge pass through the intersection of Tudor Road and C Street at a high rate of speed. Shortly thereafter a K9 officer saw the vehicle speeding through 36th Avenue and Denali Street; the K9 officer was able to turn around in traffic to get behind the Dodge. As the Dodge went through the red light at 36th and the New Seward, the K9 officer initiated a traffic stop by activating his emergency lights. The mid-shift officer caught up and activated both his emergency lights and siren. Both officers disengaged when it was obvious the Durango was not going to yield and continue his dangerous driving behavior.

Both the mid-shift officer and the K9 officer pulled over to the side of the road. Afterwards they were contacted by a citizen who stated he saw the Durango drive up onto the median at Lake Otis and 36th and then pull into a residential neighborhood on 37th Avenue. The officers responded to the neighborhood and located the unoccupied Durango parked in front of a home on the 3700-block of Williams Street. As the officers got out of their vehicles they could smell burning rubber and brakes coming from the Dodge. The officers ran the Durango’s plate; it came back to a home on the same street where the Dodge was parked.

Several officers formed a track team; the K9 officer began a track with his dog from the Dodge. The track led to the home the Dodge was registered to. As the team was still approaching the house, they saw an adult male exit the target residence and stand on the front porch. The male, later identified 38-year-old Drew S. Mitchell JR, verbally engaged the officers who identified themselves and explained why they were there. Initially Mitchell was cooperative with officers, but then became non-compliant and attempted to re-enter his home even though he was ordered not to. Despite multiple K9 warnings, and instructions to stop, Mitchell attempted to go inside anyway. K9 Stan was released; Mitchell shut the door onto K9 Stan who was in the doorway. Officers quickly approached and freed K9 Stan from the door. K9 Stan entered the house and made contact with Mitchell’s arm. Afterwards Mitchell was taken into custody. During the detainment of Mitchell officers noticed signs of impairment to include a strong odor of alcohol.

Mitchell was initially treated for the dog bite at the scene by the Anchorage Fire Department and then was transported to the hospital for further evaluation. After being medically cleared, the IDEU officer conducted Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). The decision was made to charge Mitchell with Operating under the Influence. Once at the Anchorage Jail for further processing, Mitchell refused to provide a breath sample. Mitchell’s blood was drawn subsequent to a search warrant being obtained.

Mitchell was remanded at the jail on the charges of Fail to Stop I, Reckless Driving, OUI, Resisting, Harming a Police Dog II, and Refusal.

While K9 Stan was hit with the front door by Mitchell closing it on him, K9 Stan was not injured and did not require medical treatment.

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