At 4:02 AM on July 24, 2019, officers responded to reports of a stabbing in a residential apartment complex on the 900-block of Richardson Road. Upon arrival officers saw a male standing outside lighting up a cigarette. He was not wearing a shirt and blood was smeared on his upper body. He also had a small laceration on the side of his nose. He was detained and identified as 24-year-old Justice F. D. Macalpine.

 Initial indications are that the adult male victim and Macalpine were in Macalpine’s apartment when the two men got into a physical fight. During that fight Macalpine pulled out a folding knife from his clothing and stabbed the victim in the upper body more than once. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment of his wounds; the extent of those wounds are unknown at this time. The crux of the argument between the two is still under investigation.

Along with the victim and suspect, two adult women and two small children were inside the apartment at the time of the assault. One of the women was Macalpine’s girlfriend. Macalpine is not allowed to be with his girlfriend due to an open domestic violence case involving the two of them. No one else was injured. After the stabbing it was one of the adult women who called police.

Macalpine was jailed on the charges of Assault II and Violate Conditions of Release for a Misdemeanor.

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