On November 13, 2019, a trial jury convicted Jason Madison of Assault in the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Degrees for strangling his then four-year old foster child with a belt. Mr. Madison was tried before the Honorable Andrew Peterson in the Anchorage Superior Court.

According to Assistant District Attorney Betsy Bull, who prosecuted the case, the evidence established at trial that Mr. Madison put a belt around his foster child’s neck and applied pressure, causing injuries. The child’s teacher alerted authorities when she observed abrasions on the child’s neck. The treating forensic nurse testified at trial that the child potentially faced a substantial risk of death. Detective Deven Cunningham with the Anchorage Police Department performed a thorough investigation resulting in the convictions in this case. 

For this conduct as a first-time felon, Mr. Madison faces a sentencing range of 5 to 20 years. Judge Peterson scheduled sentencing for March 20, 2020 and Mr. Madison will be held without bail pending sentencing.

Assistant District Attorney Betsy Bull thanked the Anchorage Police Department, Alaska CARES, and the Office of Children’s Services for their work in the case. She also noted that these verdicts reflect the State’s continued, vigorous prosecution of child abusers, particularly those people who cause physical harm to vulnerable children.

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