At 5:10 PM on Monday, July 8, 2019, APD responded to Fred Meyer on Debarr Road in reference to a shoplifter, 33-year-old Jana L. Miller, who was in custody by store security. Upon arrival officers were told by security staff they had watched Miller shoplift several items. They followed Miller out of the store and confronted her as she did not pay for anything she took. Security stated Miller immediately became uncooperative and grabbed a can of pepper spray she had attached to her purse. As Miller pointed the spray at one of the security officers, he was able to grab her arm and push it down so that the pepper spray deployed on the ground. Although the spray did not hit anyone, the affects were still felt by security. At that time they were able to handcuff Miller and take her into their office while waiting for APD to arrive.

Miller was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Robbery I, two counts of Assault III, Criminal Trespass II, and Theft III.

Miller is on probation for a previous Misconduct Involving a Weapon charge. APD contacted Miller’s probation officer who stated her criminal activity at Fred Meyer was a violation of her probation. The PO stated they would forward their own criminal charges for Miller.

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