Detectives have identified a person-of-interest in this investigation.

He's been identified as Darin Schilmiller (21-years-old). He's currently in custody for an on-going federal investigation.

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Update 6/9/19 1:25 p.m.:

Detectives have arrested three additional suspects in this investigation. The suspects are an adult male, a juvenile male and a juvenile female who were involved in the planning of this homicide with Brehmer and McIntosh. 

The adult male provided the vehicle for Brehmer and McIntosh to use on the day of homicide.

The adult male suspect has been identified as Caleb Leyland (19-years-old). He faces Murder 1 and Conspiracy to Commit Murder 1.

The two juvenile suspects were transported to McLaughlin Youth Center. Charges were forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

During the course of this investigation, detectives discovered that Leyland sexually assaulted the juvenile female suspect. He faces additional charges of Sexual Assault 1 and Sexual Abuse of a Minor 2.

The investigation continues.

Update 6/7/18 11:30 p.m.:

A second suspect has been arrested in this investigation. She is the adult female that was with the juvenile suspect and victim on the day of the homicide.

The suspect has been identified as Denali Brehmer (18-years-old). She faces multiple charges including Murder 1 and Evidence Tampering.


On 6/3/19 around 11:30 a.m., Cynthia Hoffman (19-years-old) was reported missing by a family member. The family member reported she was last seen by a friend at Polar Bear Park possibly on 6/2/19 around 4 p.m. wearing blue jeans, a hoodie and tennis shoes.

Through the course of the investigation, detectives learned the family member was given false information from the victim’s friend about her whereabouts.

The preliminary investigation found that the victim, her friend (an adult female) and a juvenile male went to Thunderbird Falls trail on 6/2/19. The three walked down to the river bank where the victim was bound with duct tape by the female and male. At some point, an altercation took place. The male shot the victim in the back of the head, pushed her into the river and fled with the female. They drove to Polar Bear Park with the victim’s belongings. They sent texts to the victim’s family members via her phone. They stated the victim was dropped off at the park. The family members took that information and used it to file a missing person’s report the next day. The male and female then drove to Lions Park in Mountain View and burned the victim’s belongings.

On 6/3/19, officers contacted a family member of the adult female who provided information that the victim may have been shot and pushed into the water. She didn’t have a location or any other details. She said the adult female told her this information and hasn’t seen her since. Meanwhile, other officers continued to investigate the Polar Bear Park circumstances with the victim’s family believing it was true.

On 6/4/19, detectives located the adult female and questioned her. They also located the juvenile male and questioned him. During this time, detectives learned of the fake story about Polar Bear Park and sent officers to Thunderbird Falls trail. Officers discovered the body of the victim along the river bank.

The male suspect has been identified as Kayden McIntosh (16-years-old). He faces multiple charges including Murder 1 and Evidence Tampering. He was arrested and transported to jail.

The adult female was questioned and released.

The investigation continues and more charges are possible.


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