At 8:48 PM on May 19, 2020, a citizen called APD Dispatch to report a possible drunk driver in the area of E 4th Avenue and Boniface Parkway.  The caller stated that just a few minutes prior, the driver of a black Chevy was speeding, cutting off other traffic, and had almost hit another car. 

At 8:49 PM, a second citizen called APD Dispatch to report a male, later identified as 35-year-old Edward R. Aragon, standing in the street on the 5900-block of E 6th Avenue.  The caller stated Aragon was holding a beer in one hand while waving a gun around with his other hand; Aragon was circling a parked 1986 black Chevy pickup while doing so.


At 9:01 PM one of the responding officers reported to Dispatch that he was in the area of 4th and Newell Street when Aragon drove straight towards his marked patrol vehicle in the black Chevy truck.  The CAP officer (Community Action Policing Team) had to divert into a nearby parking lot to avoid being hit head-on.  Aragon continued driving at a high rate of speed and blew through the red stoplight at 4th and Boniface.


Officers saw Aragon driving at high rates of speeds, weaving in and out of traffic, and running red lights in several different locations.  Due to other traffic and Aragon’s dangerous driving behavior, the officers were not in a position to safely and successfully engage Aragon.  Instead patrol units listened to the updates and moved to get in front of Aragon.


While officers were getting into place, a 2013 black Ford was being driven westbound on Northern Lights Boulevard just west of UAA Drive.  Another vehicle was traveling in the same direction in the lane right next to the Ford.  Aragon passed between the two vehicles, side-swiping the Ford in the process.  When Aragon got close to the intersection of Northern Lights and Glenwood, he ran over a spike strip that officers had laid across the road for him.  Two of the Chevy’s tires were flattened however Aragon continued driving.  At 9:06 PM officers were able to block in Aragon, and get him stopped, next to Planet Fitness at 670 E Northern Lights Boulevard.  Once coming to a stop, officers saw Aragon finish off a bottle of alcohol and light up a cigarette before exiting the Chevy.  While Aragon was verbally non-compliant with officers’ commands, he was taken into custody at 9:09 PM without any physical confrontation taking place.


Officers observed signs of impairment however Aragon would not participate in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs).  The decision to arrest Aragon for Operating under the Influence was made and he was transported to the Anchorage Jail for further processing.  Due to Aragon’s combative behavior, the officer did not attempt to obtain a breath sample.  Instead the officer secured a search warrant and Aragon’s blood was subsequently drawn.  Aragon was remanded at the jail on the charges of Leaving the Scene of a Crash, Driving w/out Proof of Insurance, Assault III, Reckless Driving, OUI, Misconduct Involving a Weapon IV, Fail to Stop, and Driving on a Revoked License.

The occupants of the Ford that Aragon had side-swiped were not injured.  No other vehicles were impacted by the spike strip as the deploying officer was able to pull the strip off of the roadway before anyone else drove over it. Aragon’s Chevy was impounded for evidence and will be searched once a search warrant has been obtained.  Both a handgun and alcohol were inside the Chevy in plain view.

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