At 9:16 PM on June 23, 2019, APD responded to a residence on the 7500-block of Foxridge Way in reference to a bullet that had entered an apartment through the floor. No injuries were reported. Officers responded and made contact with the complainant who showed officers a bullet hole in the ceiling of her living room and a bullet hole in the floor. It appeared the holes all came from the same trajectory indicating one bullet. The victim stated she was home alone when she heard a noise at 5PM that evening followed by the downstairs neighbor and his girlfriend having a conversation on their balcony. She didn’t notice the holes until a few hours later at which time she contacted police.

Officers went to the apartment located directly below the complainant’s. They knocked on the front door and rang the doorbell several times but did not receive a response. The vehicles that belonged to the people who lived in the target apartment were parked out front. When the officer knocked harder, the unlocked front door popped open. Officers saw a male, 30-year-old Daniel P. Cassidy, sitting on the couch; he was taken into custody without incident. The arresting officers could see an empty holster laying on the couch, empty liquor bottles, and a shell casing. Officers secured the apartment and applied for a search warrant. After receiving the warrant officers re-entered the apartment and saw a bullet hole in the ceiling. They seized the shell casing for evidence along with a gun they found which appeared to be the weapon used to fire the bullet that when into the upstairs apartment.

While questioning Cassidy officers saw signs of intoxication. Cassidy was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Assault II, Misconduct Involving a Weapon II, Misconduct Involving a Weapon IV, Reckless Endangerment, and Resisting.

Officers also made contact with an adult female in Cassidy’s apartment who stated she and Cassidy had been arguing. When she went into a bedroom during the verbal altercation she heard a shot fired from the living room which put her in fear. She was not injured and was not charged.

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