At 8:06 AM on Thursday, September 5, 2019, patrol day shift officers were flagged down by a citizen who initially wanted to report an assault. She stated the suspect was in an apartment on the 200-block of Meyer Street and she thought he had warrants.

As backup units were in route, officers made contact with the suspect at the apartment. During that interaction the suspect, 34-year-old Christopher M. Brewer, verbally threatened to stab one of the officers (no knife was actually seen). The suspect then fled out of the back of the home and officers gave chase. Brewer began running towards Tyson Elementary School where students were on the playground. While several officers continued to pursue Brewer, other officers broke off to contact school officials. The children were ushered inside the school which subsequently went into “stay put” mode. Brewer did run onto school grounds and over to the north side close to JBER. During the entire foot chase officers gave Brewer several commands which he ignored.

Brewer emerged from the wood line and ran into the Mountain View neighborhood. An officer saw Brewer crawl underneath a motorhome parked at a house on the 3200-block of Thompson Street. As an officer approached one side of the motorhome, and continued to give Brewer commands, Brewer at first acted like he was going to comply but then slid out on the opposite side, crawled under a fence, and began to run again. An officer deployed one 40mm foam baton round which struck Brewer in his leg. Brewer staggered slightly but continued to run and climbed over a fence.

Officers who were part of the perimeter saw Brewer climbing the fence on the 3200-block of Tarwater. Officers gave Brewer commands to stop which he failed to comply with. An officer deployed his Taser; Brewer fell to the ground and was taken into custody at that time. After being medically cleared Brewer was transported to the Anchorage Police Department for questioning by detectives. Afterwards Brewer was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on his three outstanding felony warrants. He was additionally charged with Resisting Arrest, Assault III, and Reckless Endangerment.

The original assault complainant declined to participate in the investigation. She did not have any signs of injuries. Whether or not anything criminal occurred between the adult female victim and Brewer is still under investigation. All of Brewer’s charges stemmed from his contact with law enforcement.

The elementary school was in “stay put” mode for approximately ten minutes. No one was injured there.

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