At 7:09 PM on August 30, 2019, a citizen called APD Dispatch to report they had been involved in a vehicle crash and they thought the other driver was intoxicated. As officers were being dispatched, the caller stated the other driver was now leaving the scene.

Officers responded to the area of Lake Otis and Tudor where they made contact with the victim driver. The victim stated she was driving south on Denali, approaching 36th, when she was side-swiped by a female driver in a green Jeep Cherokee who was traveling in the same direction. The victim stated she pulled up next to the suspect driver who apologized before driving away. The victim followed the suspect for some time while giving Dispatch updates regarding their location. Eventually the victim pulled over into a parking lot while the suspect kept driving.

Officers located the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Candace B. Bertrand, on the 1700-block of Wickersham Drive. The Jeep was parked up on the curb and in the grass on the side of the roadway. After performing Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs), the decision was made to arrest Bertrand for OUI. Once Bertrand was transported to the jail for further processing, she refused to provide a breath sample.

Bertrand was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on the charges of Operating under the Influence, Refusal, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, and three counts of Violation of Conditions of Release. She was also cited for Driving on a Canceled License.

 There were no injuries.

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