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Last week, the Anchorage Police Department (APD) and its law enforcement partners arrested 28 people. It was part of an operation called Warrant Round-Up that focused on locating wanted criminals with felony arrest warrants.


More than 100 officers from APD, the Alaska State Troopers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and the United States Marshals Service (USMS) linked up into teams and scattered throughout Anchorage seeking out the suspects.

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The teams arrested 28 criminals in two days in various locations in Anchorage. Below is a list of the people arrested.


1Tyler Harr2619-6645Felony$20K Sexual Abuse of a Minor (SAM) 1 / SAM 2 x2 - Locate for Fairbanks on a diff SAM case
2David Ree4719-6648FelonyNo Bail Assault 2 / Assault 4 + $500 Operating under the Influence Cash
3Robert Kingik33United States Marshals Service (USMS)Felony$25K Probation Violation SAM 2 / + $100 Misdo False ID
4Glen Negovanna34USMSFelonyIndecent Exposure
5Dustin McCue3019-6652Felony$5k - Probation viol / $10K – Fail to Appear (FTA) - Vehicle Theft / Theft 2
6Dwayne Smith20USMSFelony$10K Robbery 2 / $1K Theft 2 / No Bail Assault 3 / Misdo (x3)
7Nicholaus Madison2319-6671FelonyNo Bail Burglary
8LC Whitlow4219-6673Felony$3K Alaska State Trooper Warrant
9Anthony Brittain II3619-6677FelonyNo Bail Assault 3 and Violating a Protective Order
10Taylor Lekity23USMSFelonyNo Bail Theft 2 / $1K Removal of Merchandise
11Michael Rennie25USMSFelony$500 Theft 2
12Dustin Armstrong27USMSFelonyFederal Probation – Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance (MICS) with Intent to Distribute
13Angela Hebert3619-6711FelonyNo Bail AST Warrant
14Daniel Charlie4319-6792FelonyNo Bail Assault 3 / Endangering the Welfare of  Minor
15Christopher Johnson5519-6799FelonyNo Bail Assault 2 / Assault 4 and $5000 FTA Driving While License Revoked/Violation of Conditions of Release
16DeShawn Binion2819-6806FelonyNo Bail - Federal Felon in Possession
17Tremayne Wyatt2319-3555Felony$500 Assault 3
18Zachari Clark3419-6800FelonyNo Bail Assault 3 
19Dajuan King4619-6810FelonyNo Bail Assault 2
20Mark Brooks55DOCFelony$12,500 FTA Assault 2
21Kao Wou Saechao2819-6828Felony$25K Theft 2
22James Whittaker III35USMSFelonySAM 2, Child Pornography, Exploitation of a Minor
23Kaylynn Spindler2819-6841FelonyFelony - $100 FTA - Vehicle Theft x 2 + $500 Conditions violations + more
24Dominique Williams2919-6843FelonyNo Bail Assault 3
25Karl Yost4619-6844Felony$3K -Forgery2/Theft2/Theft3 + 2 $500 for FTA
26Brandon Moen34USMSFelonyFederal Probation Violation for Misconduct Involving a Weapon and MICS
27Sulu Faamolemole2919-6979FelonyNo Bail - Federal Probation Violation; Assault on a Federal Officer Using a Deadly and Dangerous Weapon
28Carol Etuale2219-6979MisdFTA x2 OC Theft / VCR



Operation Warrant Round-Up is a direct result of APD’s ability to hire more officers. Funding for the operation was made possible by the Project Safe Neighborhoods initiative.


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