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Pictured from left to right: Safeway Carrs Abbott asst. deli manager, Ilsa Parra, Safeway Carrs Abbott supervisor, Jennifer Conge, The Salvation Army Alaska Division Emergency Disaster Services director, Jenni Ragland, The Salvation Army Anchorage advisory board member, Kenneth Hanley, The Salvation Army Anchorage advisory board member, Anna Woods, Safeway Carrs Alaska general manager, Reino Bellio, The Salvation Army Alaska Division secretary of business, Capt. Peter Pemberton, Safeway Carrs Abbott supervisor, Voichita Rus and Safeway Carrs Abbott store director, Lee Darling.

The Salvation Army Alaska Division received a significant boost to supports its long-term recovery program, thanks to a generous contribution from Safeway Carrs stores in Alaska. More than $100,000 was raised in stores throughout Alaska through check stand giving and additional in-store fundraisers following the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Alaska’s Cook Inlet region on November 30, 2018.

From house fires to federally recognized states of emergency, The Salvation Army emergency disaster services program provides immediate support to disaster survivors with essential items such as food,

water, heat, and emotional and spiritual care. In the event of a large-scale disaster, The Salvation Army’s efforts extend to support impacted households through the recovery process when all other resources have been exhausted.

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“The Salvation Army is immeasurably grateful for the funding provided by these generous donors,” said Major John Brackenbury, The Salvation Army Alaska Divisional Commander. “When disasters strike

Alaskans, it is The Salvation Army’s duty to help in whatever way we can. Knowing that we have funds available allows us to adequately aid those in need.”

“Safeway Carrs is very appreciative that the Salvation Army is here to aid in the long-term recovery

efforts for those impacted by the earthquake,” said Sarah Osborne, Safeway Carrs Director of Public

Affairs. “In any natural disaster, there are always impacts beyond those addressed by government

response, and we are proud to support the Salvation Army in its effort to assist those affected with

items including food, fuel, building supplies, household furnishings, fuel and other identified needs. Our

stores launched the fundraiser to help immediately after the earthquake, and as always, Alaskans

responded with generosity and urgency to help their neighbors.”

In addition to the funds from Safeway Carrs, contributions from Wells Fargo, Walmart and Alaska

Community Foundation’s Alaska Disaster Recovery Fund have been received to aid The Salvation Army’s

emergency disaster services program in the aftermath of the earthquake.


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