In a partnership with Cook Inlet Housing Authority and Anchorage Concert Association, Alaskan singer-songwriter Rosie Rush brings a series of songwriting workshops to The Nave. This program will focus on basic skills of writing songs and music, with each class focusing on different parts of the process such as the use of groove, harmony, melody, and lyric writing while creating a safe and welcoming environment. This workshop is open to anyone but geared towards young people new to the songwriting process, instruments aren’t necessary. 

Rush’s work is part of Anchorage Concert Association’s Community Artist Projects. These short term, arts-based initiatives, are a collaboration between an Alaska-based artist and a partner organization. The goal of this project is to build space for people to find connection, community, and to discover the healing power of telling stories and sharing music. Through this musical and creative expression, participants can discover the resilience and strength they all share. 

Classes will be held on Thursdays, 4:40pm - 5:30pm, running October 14-28 at The Nave (formerly The Church of Love.) Classes will be open to a maximum of 15 people for physical distancing. Participants can sign up at

Rosie Rush is a singer-songwriter from Anchorage, Alaska. Her musical talents and interests lie in a variety of genres including funk, indie, folk, and jazz, the last of which she studied at the University of Southern California. Her immense love of family and the natural world have long heavily influenced her songwriting. Being a lifelong Alaskan, Rosie grew up outside in the summer sun and the winter snow, and she pours that into her music. Rosie is working very hard on her forthcoming debut album, to be released

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