Today, Governor Dunleavy announced he would not again veto Pre-Kindergarten, early education grants, Best Beginnings, and Parents as Teachers from the budget recently reapproved by the legislature. These were initially eliminated in his budget roll out in February and his vetoes in June.

“Thousands of Alaska children will continue to have access to early education, and that is a good thing,” said Senate Democratic Leader Tom Begich (D-Anchorage). “I am proud of all Alaskans who came out and voiced their opposition to these draconian budget cuts. It helped the legislature came together and stand behind our citizens to restore not only early education and pre-K, but many other services that are vital to our communities.”

Governor Dunleavy said he had to veto these items, along with other essential and valued state services to have a discussion with Alaskans about the services they value. Yesterday, Governor Dunleavy announced he would not veto Senior Benefits after his multiple attempts at eliminating it, creating fear and instability for Alaska seniors.

“I strongly encourage Governor Dunleavy to stop governing from the hip and to have a productive conversation with Alaskans and legislative leadership to move Alaska forward,” continued Sen. Begich.

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