The University of Alaska Anchorage has established a local chapter of a national honorary for student-athletes, Chi Alpha Sigma, UAA faculty athletics representative Deborah Narang announced recently.

UAA joins over 200 universities across the country – including fellow Great Northwest Athletic Conference members Montana State Billings, Saint Martin’s and Western Oregon – as a member of this nonprofit organization in establishing the Alpha chapter in Alaska.

The inaugural class at UAA consists of thirty junior and senior student-athletes with a cumulative grade point average at midyear of 3.5 or better and a full year in residence. The members will be honored in a ceremony in the fall.

Founded in 1996, Chi Alpha Sigma is a fraternal organization established to honor student-athletes and their accomplishments on and off the field. Learn more at

2020 UAA Chi Alpha Sigma inductees

Name, Sport, Cumulative GPA, Year

Carmine Buono, Hockey, 3.50, Sr.

Georgia Burgess, Women’s Skiing, 3.51, Jr.

Kris Carlson, Hockey, 3.71, Jr.

Trey DeGraaf, Hockey, 3.96, Jr.

Jenna DiFolco, Women’s Skiing, 3.61, Jr.

Li Djurestaal, Women’s Skiing, 3.81, Jr.

Vanessa Hayes, Volleyball, 3.68, Sr.

Tomi Hiekkavirta, Hockey, 3.50, Sr.

Austin Huneck, Men’s Skiing, 3.56, Jr.

Natalie Hynes, Women’s Skiing, 4.00, Sr.

Felix Kemboi, Men’s Cross Country/Track & Field, 3.50, Jr.

Michaela Keller-Miller, Women’s Skiing, 4.00, Sr.

Isabelle Fox, Gymnastics, 3.67, Jr.

Louisa Marie Knapp, Gymnastics, 3.96, Jr.

Jack Macdonald, Men’s Basketball, 3.73, Sr.

Zach Masson, Hockey, 3.96, Jr.

Aaron McPheters, Hockey, 3.59, Jr.

Mackenzie Miller, Gymnastics, 3.86, Sr.

Nolan Nicholas, Hockey, 3.81, Sr.

Winter Osborne, Gymnastics, 3.92, Jr.

Michaela Phillips, Gymnsatics, 3.64, Jr.

Corey Renwick, Hockey, 3.58, Sr.

Marie Ries, Women’s Track & Field, 4.00, Sr.

Hannah Rudd, Women’s Skiing, 3.92, Sr.

Eric Sinclair, Hockey, 3.92, Jr.

Michael Soetaert, Men’s Skiing, 4.00, Jr.

David Sramek, Men’s Track & Field, 3.76, Jr.

David Trinkberger, Hockey, 3.83, Sr.

Dominic Unterberger, Men’s Skiing, 4.00, Sr.

Tennae Voliva, Women’s Basketball, 3.83, Jr.

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