Amidst a fresh surge of support for the recall of Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaskans leading the effort announced they now have 56,476 signatures—79% of the total required—leaving just 14,776 left to collect before a recall election.

“We’ve seen an incredible number of Alaskans asking to sign the recall petition in the last few weeks,” said Recall Chair Meda DeWitt. “They understand that Governor Dunleavy continues to hurt Alaska by repeatedly breaking the law and violating our constitution, and they’re experiencing the effects of his initial cuts to infrastructure, education, and other essential services that undermine the Alaskan economy and way of life.”

The recall effort is seeing a sharp increase in Alaskans signing the petition in person as well as those who continue to request mail-in booklets. “Our canvassing team is now circulating throughout the Anchorage area,” DeWitt said.  “People are happy for this quick and easy way to sign, and the hundreds of signatures we’re gathering each day is proof of their enthusiasm.”

DeWitt says the surge in petition signers reflects immense and ongoing support for the recall statewide, but she is most proud of how the effort has found its financial support. “The recall is funded overwhelmingly by the people of Alaska. Over 3200 individual Alaskans have donated, many of them multiple times. In total, 96% of our contributors are living, working, operating businesses, and raising their families in-state,” DeWitt says. “That’s something the governor can’t say about his defense. It’s well known that he went on national television to solicit donations from outside sources.”

Those interested in signing the recall petition may visit or call (866) SIGN4AK (866-744-6425) for a list of in-person signing opportunities in some communities. Mail-in petitions are also available to Alaskan voters in all corners of the state and can be requested at the website listed above.

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