Missing Children: Slate Erickson, age 4, Jedidiah “Fox” Erickson, age 7, and Pepper Erickson, age 9. Last seen in Seward 8/6/2019.

Dear Matt Hickman,

On 8/6/2019 at about 1805 hours, the Office of Children's Services requested Alaska State Troopers perform a welfare checkfor three children in foster care. On 8/7/2019, it was determined the children were wrongfully removed from a foster home in the Seward area by an unknown female. The children are identified as Slate Erickson, age 4; Jedidiah “Fox” Erickson, age 7; and Pepper Erickson, age 9. The investigation into the children’s disappearance revealed on 8/5/19 at approximately 2330 hours, a female arrived at the foster home claiming to be sent by OCS. The woman provided a name that the foster parents recognized as someone who they anticipated may be taking the children, butwhom they had never met. The foster parents allowed the children to leave with the female.Later shown a photo of the person the woman claimed to be, the foster parents confirmed it was not the same female who took the children. Further investigatio n has revealed the children’s mother, Melissa Salgado, 40, of Seward, is also missing. There is a concern the children could be anywhere along the road system. Anyone with information regarding the location of Salgado or the children is asked to contact the Alaska State Troopers in Soldotna at 907-262-4453.


Anyone with information concerning the location of these children of their mother, Melissa Salgado, should call troopers in Soldotna at 907-262-4453.

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