Earlier today, the Mayor Bronson’s administration announced a plan to manage the uptick in overtime within the Anchorage Fire Department, which is expected to go over budget by the end of the month.  

“These rolling closures are very concerning with our healthcare capacity stressed to critical levels right now. We need to support our first responders now more than ever and ensure that the Municipality is fully staffed and ready for any public health and safety emergency that may arise,” said Assembly Member Meg Zaletel.  

In prior years, the Assembly has been able to work collaboratively with the administration to reverse these harmful policies which make a minimal dent in the overall overtime budget for the department.  

“The risk versus reward of these types of policies is extremely concerning. Given the fact that our biggest hospital is rationing care, this gamble doesn’t make sense. There must be a better way and I urge the administration to collaborate with the Assembly to keep our residents safe in the middle of a global pandemic,” said Assembly Member Felix Rivera    

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