A lawsuit was filed against the Anchorage Police Department and the Municipality of Anchorage today alleging the discrimination of Anchorage police officers on the basis of color, race and ethnicity.

The complaint states that APD Officer Jared Tuia joined the Anchorage police force in 1999 and has served for 20 years as of November 2019.

Officer Tuia says in his complaint that he advanced to the rank of Lieutenant and has been recognized as performing excellent service in the various assignments he has been given.

His complaint also states that he was denied a promotion to Captain on four separate occasions in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2020.

When Tuia asked for a debriefing about why he was not promoted in 2015, he was told he could accomplish great things "somewhere other than the APD," and was ultimately transferred after asking for a debriefing in 2017, to the "property crimes division."

According to the lawsuit, the U.S. Office of Equal Employment Opportunity has previously criticized the promotion practices of the Anchorage Police Department as facilitating discriminatory practices.

The complaint also states that the Chief of Police knew who he was going to promote before applications for promotion were even solicited.

You can read the entire complaint, which raises serious allegations of impropriety by the Anchorage Police Department and Chief Doll.

This article originally appeared on The Blue Alaskan. Reprinted with permission.

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