Spike Cohen

Spike Cohen

More than 30 candidates and campaign staff from the Alaska Libertarian Party (ALP) are meeting Saturday in order to prepare for local, statewide and national races in 2022. The training is being held in-person at Everett’s and virtually via Zoom, in order to accommodate registered participants from Ketchikan to Fairbanks.

The event will feature eight, one-hour training sessions ranging from campaign finance reporting requirements to field operations and social media strategy. The list of speakers is headlined by 2020 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President Spike Cohen and Libertarian National Director of Operations Apollo Pazell, who led the Frontier Project that successfully elected the Libertarian Party’s first statewide representative in years.

"We're very excited to have Spike joining us as we gear up for elections in 2022," said Alex Coker, Vice Chair of the ALP. "All of these impressive presenters will help us further our goal of providing high quality candidates to compete in Alaska's new and improved election process."

More information can be found at www.alaskalp.org/goldrush. 

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