In partnership with The Salvation Army, Home Depot has stepped up to support  recovery efforts in Haines, after residents experienced landslides, mudslides and rainstorms that  took homes and left two residents still missing in the small community of 2,500. Saturday,  December 5, at 10:30 AM, Home Depot employees will be assembling 75 clean-up kits as a donation  to The Salvation Army to provide disaster recovery support in Haines. 

Each cleaning kit will include bleach/cleaner, work gloves, paper towels, a scrub brush, work gloves,  a box of disposable gloves, a box of disposable masks, trash bags, sponges and collapsible brooms  and mops. 

“Once The Salvation Army reached out to Home Depot for supply support it was in a matter of 30  minutes that they had reached back out to us to confirm,” said The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services director, Jenni Ragland. “The donated supplies will be transported to Haines via air  freight thanks to the support of Alaska Airlines. The readiness to help just shows how much Home  Depot, Alaska Airlines and other businesses are willing to support our communities in a time of  need.” 

To help The Salvation Army support the community of Haines during this time, please make your emergency disaster support donation online at  

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