TOTE, LLC (“TOTE Group”), an industry  leader in maritime transportation, vessel services and terminal operations, today  announced the expansion of its leadership team to support the organization’s growth  and future strategic opportunities.  

Mike Noone, President of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC is being promoted to a  new role as the company’s chief operating officer for TOTE Group. Kevin D. Kendrick  will be named the new president of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico and Alex Hofeling will  be named president of TOTE Maritime Alaska, LLC.  

“The TOTE organization welcomes Mike to this newly created role, where he will help  drive the future of our companies,” said TOTE Group President & CEO Tim Nolan.  "Mike’s proven track record as an executive and his 30-years’ experience in shipping  and logistics make him a significant asset as we continually look for ways grow our  organization and to drive value for our customers.” 

Kevin Kendrick, who served as the chief commercial officer for the TOTE Group since  2012, is being promoted president of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico. 

“Kevin successfully led the commercial strategy for the TOTE organization for the last  decade with a focus on growth and improving the customer experience and we’re  excited to have him lead the TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico team,” said Nolan. “Kevin  understands very clearly our company’s commitment to service excellence and our  dedication to the people and communities in Puerto Rico.”  

Noone and Kendrick will transition to their new roles on January 1, 2022.  

In addition, Alex Hofeling, TOTE Maritime Alaska Vice President and General  Manager, has been promoted to President, effective November 29th, where he will  oversee the entirety of operations for TOTE Maritime Alaska and will be based at the 

company’s office in Tacoma, Washington.  

“Alex joined the TOTE organization as a regional sales manager and has rapidly  worked his way up through increasing roles of responsibility at TOTE Maritime  Alaska,” said Nolan. “Alex has been the face of TOTE in Alaska, working closely with  our customers, communities and others to help demonstrate our ongoing commitment  to the Last Frontier.”  

Nolan said, “On behalf of the TOTE Group, we look forward to welcoming Mike, Kevin  and Alex to their new roles and to furthering our commitment to excellence in safety  and service to our customers and our communities.”  


About Mike Noone 

Mike Noone joined the TOTE organization in 2013 as president of TOTE Maritime  Alaska before transitioning to the role of president of TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico in  2018. Prior to his time with the TOTE organization, Noone spent more than 25 years as a  senior executive for three international leaders in the transport and logistics industry, including  Yusen Logistics, the Maersk Group of companies, and APL Group.  

About Kevin Kendrick 

Kevin Kendrick joined the TOTE organization in 2012 as the chief commercial officer.  He brings 30+ years’ experience in transportation and logistics industry. He began his  career in A.P. Moller-Maersk Group’s management training program where advanced  in sales and general management before moving to the logistics side of the business.  Kendrick ultimately became vice president where he was responsible for the  

Southeast and Gulf States, as well as operational execution and commercial growth  for all 3PL products. 

About Alex Hofeling 

Alex Hofeling joined TOTE Maritime Alaska in 2013, serving as Regional Sales  Manager and Director of Marketing before taking over the Vice President and General  Manager of Alaska role in 2019. Since then, he has been the face of TOTE in Alaska,  working closely with the Port, vendor partners, customers, and the community to  ensure that TOTE continues to offer reliable, best-in-class service to the Last Frontier  state. 

About TOTE Group 

The TOTE Group includes some of the leading transportation and logistics companies  in the U.S. domestic market. TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico, LLC and TOTE Maritime 

Alaska, LLC bring unmatched reliability and service to their respective markets, while  TOTE Services, LLC offers crewing and technical services to meet the needs of  commercial, privately owned and U.S. Government vessels. The TOTE Group and its  subsidiaries are part of the Saltchuk family of companies.

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