The Alaska Association for Historic Preservation (AAHP) announces the call for nominations for their annual Historic Preservation Award that is presented during the annual meeting of the organization. AAHP is a statewide organization.

This award honors excellence in historic preservation throughout Alaska by recognizing a project, organization, agency, or individual exemplifying the highest standards in Alaska preservation. The honoree(s) will be announced at the AAHP Annual Meeting in November 2019.

Past award winners include Bob De Armond, Bill De Armond, Bob Mitchell, Thad Poulson, Jim Renkert, and Sherri and Darrin Hamming. There can be more than one winner depending on the category of the nominations.

To submit a nomination of the 2019 AAHP Historic Preservation Award, please send a short description of deserving project, organization, agency, or individual to AAHP by October 18, 2019. An overview of the program’s categories for nominations can be found on the organization’s or obtained via email at

Founded in 1982 as a private, nonprofit corporation, AAHP is dedicated to the preservation of Alaska’s prehistoric and historic cultural resources. AAHP aids in historic preservation projects across Alaska, and monitors and supports legislation to promote historic preservation, serving as a liaison between local, statewide, and national historic preservation groups. Additionally, AAHP publishes a quarterly newsletter and holds educational workshops.

For more information or to obtain the program’s overview and nomination form, please contact Amber Sawyer at 907-929-9870 via email or visit our website Nominations may be sent via email or mailed to AAHP, PO Box 102025, Anchorage, AK 99510. Deadline is October 28, 2019.

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