Dimond Center management issued on the following public statement about a nationwide rally that organizers are planning for Sunday, January 17.

The “Refuse to be Silenced” rally is being billed on social media as an “Armed march on Capitol Hill and all state Capitols.” In Alaska, organizers have apparently chosen the Dimond Center as the location for the Alaska rally. However, management of the Dimond Center, asserting its private property rights, insists the event will not be allowed on its premises.

“We're not making a political statement, but the Dimond Center is a private, family-owned business and is not an appropriate venue for an event such as this,” said Bob Dye, Dimond Center General Manager. “We suggest that a traditional venue like the Park Strip is more appropriate for this rally.”

Dye says the Dimond Center is coordinating with local and federal law enforcement to ensure the event does not take place there and that the property is protected. The Dimond Center and its parking lots will be closed to the public on Sunday, January 17 out of an abundance of caution.

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