Today, Mayor David Bronson issued the following statement in response to the Anchorage Assembly’s override of his veto of the misleading emergency mask mandate ordinance that passed without public notice or public testimony. 

“The Assembly’s override of my veto on their misleading mask mandate that was done without public notice or testimony is deceitful and wrong. The nine members who voted for this mask mandate ignored the public process, shut down public testimony, shut out the people, and decided that they (not you or your healthcare provider) will make decisions about your personal health. It’s just another effort by our Assembly to force the citizens of Anchorage to do their will and silence those who desire to exercise their right to petition their government. The Anchorage Assembly continues to break the public’s trust.”


The requirements of this ordinance do not apply to the following categories of businesses, people, or activities:


A.      Any child under the age of 5 years, but face coverings are recommended for children over 2 years of age.

B.      Individuals who are incarcerated, in police custody, or inside a courtroom; these individuals should follow guidance particular to their location or institution.

C.      Presenters, musicians, others communicating to an audience or being recorded, if they are 10 feet from the audience and all members of the audience are wearing face coverings.

D.      Individuals removing their face coverings to eat, drink, or briefly scratch an itch.

E.       Employees within their own fully enclosed office or workspace or within an unenclosed workspace if they are totally alone.

F.       Fully vaccinated employees working in a separate room from the public and unvaccinated coworkers. Employees wishing to utilize this exception must be able to show evidence to their employer that all employees in the separate room are vaccinated in a manner consistent with workplace anti-discrimination laws.

G.      Individuals performing an activity that cannot be conducted or safely conducted while wearing a face covering.

H.      Individuals who cannot tolerate a face covering due to physical or mental disability. The individual’s or a guardian’s statement that they are exempted is sufficient evidence.

I.        All athletic activities, when a person is actively engaged in that activity. Indoor gyms, fitness centers, boutique fitness clubs, and other businesses or entities, including the school district, may require face coverings regardless of this exemption. This exemption does not apply to spectators not engaged in athletic activity.

J.        Religious Assemblies

K.       The Mayor and his executive team.


Businesses may choose to allow individuals who request an accommodation under the ADA to wear a face shield or accommodate these individuals through alternate means of providing goods or services, such as curbside, delivery, or telephonic service.

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