Curtis Armstrong III

Curtis Armstrong III

 On October 21, in response to Mayor Bronson’s attempt to terminate Clifford Armstrong III from the Chief Equity Officer position, Assembly Chair LaFrance and Vice Chair Constant submitted a letter to the Mayor clarifying that as a matter of law, Mr. Armstrong is still the Chief Equity Officer of the Municipality of Anchorage.

Anchorage Municipal Code section 3.20.140A.1.c. states that “the chief equity officer may be dismissed by the mayor only for cause shown, and only with the concurrence of a majority of the assembly.”

“Mr. Armstrong is highly qualified for the position and has done his job with integrity and a strong commitment to public service,” said Chair Suzanne LaFrance. “We see no grounds for cause for this dismissal and we await the Mayor’s response on the matter.”

The letter states that “we do not recognize Mr. Armstrong’s dismissal as complete nor valid and are advised by Assembly Counsel that it is not legally complete,” referencing AMC 3.20.140A.1.c. which was enacted and duly adopted by ordinance AO 2020-79(S), and is current. Alaska case law sets a precedent that “Alaska courts must presume that Code provisions and ordinances are constitutionally valid” and that “the burden is on a party challenging the ordinance or proceedings to demonstrate otherwise.”

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