Today, Assembly Chair Felix Rivera announced the reopening of the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library, beginning with today’s Special Assembly meeting at 5pm. The Assembly has received thousands of comments via email and has had hundreds of individuals participate in phone testimony in the last few months. The body appreciates the community’s continued involvement in their government during these unprecedented times. Even as the reopening process continues, the Assembly encourages members of the public to provide written or telephonic testimony. Guidelines for how to do so can be found here.

As part of the reopening process, consistent with Emergency Order EO-14 v2 which returns our community to a modified version of Phase Two in the Safe Anchorage: Roadmap to Reopening the Municipality of Anchorage plan, the public will have increased ability to provide in-person public testimony with the following municipal-wide restrictions:

Municipal employees, Assembly members, and members of the public will be required to do the following prior to entering the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library:

Comply with six feet of physical distancing requirements between non-household members

Wear face coverings at all times within the Assembly Chambers except while speaking, drinking, or eating, or pursuant to an applicable exemption under law

Complete a “contact tracing” log with first name, last name, and telephone number. The log will be kept confidential unless access is requested by a public health official requiring the information as it relates to an outbreak or spike in COVID-19 cases at or related to this location.

Allow a forehead temperature check that will be recorded in the “contact tracing” log.

Per AR 2020-296, As Amended and passed on August 11, the Chair shall call for compliance of these health and safety measures. If compliance is not achieved, the Chair shall not allow public testimony in person and shall instead conduct public testimony by telephone.

As the Chambers fall under “political expression” under Emergency Order EO-14 v2, capacity in the Assembly Chambers is required to remain at less than 50 percent, so no more than 60 members of the public can enter at one time. The Assembly is excited to welcome our neighbors back to its meeting, with a focus on keeping our community safe. These simple steps can ensure, together, that we keep Assembly members, the administration, and the public safe and healthy as we reopen meetings.

For more information about Assembly meetings, please go to the Assembly webpage at

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