Alyse Galvin

On Tuesday, Alyse Galvin, who lost to Don Young, the longest-serving and oldest member of the U.S. Congress, in the 2018 election, announced her candidacy to run again as an Independent.

“My challenges are not unique in Alaska,” Galvin said in a video announcing her candidacy. “Abuse happens in far too many homes. So many of us worry if we’ll be able to keep our jobs, and we all know someone impacted by addiction. We need an energetic advocate in Washington ready to do something about it.”

In her 2018 campaign, Galvin mounted the closest campaign against Don Young in a decade, building grassroots momentum across the state and raising $2.1 million. Over 44,000 donors contributed to the Galvin campaign, with over 97% of the fundraising total coming from individuals. In contrast, less than 55% of Young’s funds came from individuals, with many coming from corporate PACs. She energized a volunteer base of more than 900 Alaskans. In November, she came up short against Young, losing with 46.5% of the vote. She looks to close that gap in 2020.

Galvin announced plans to begin touring the state in the fall.

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