Today, the Alaska legislature passed Senate Bill 47, sponsored by Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (D-Anchorage), to expand the ability for speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to provide proof of disability for Alaskans to obtain special disability plates for vehicles.  
Many disabled Alaskans are in closer contact with their physical or occupational therapists than with their physicians because their disabilities require specialized care. It can be cumbersome for disabled Alaskans to make additional visits to a physician simply to acquire their plaques. 
“I have heard from many Alaskans about the inconvenience of obtaining a disabled license plate. It has contributed to additional injuries and setbacks,” said Sen. Gray-Jackson. “Allowing disabled Alaskans a more efficient and effective path to obtain a disability plate helps put disabled Alaskans on a path to recovery and independence.”
Senate Bill 47 passed the Alaska Senate unanimously and the Alaska House of Representatives by a vote of 38 to 2. Senate Bill 47 now heads to Governor Mike Dunleavy for his signature.
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