The Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN), representing more than 140,000 Native peoples – about one out of every five Alaskans – finds Governor Dunleavy’s proposed budget contentious and ill-advised.

“The governor’s budget appears divisive by design,” said Julie Kitka, AFN President, “pitting Alaskans against each other and against industry at a time when just the opposite is needed.”

“We don’t understand how this budget fits with the governor’s proposed constitutional amendments or with his stated priorities,” Kitka added. “This is not the solution for a fiscally stable future for our state.”

AFN looks forward to continued conversation with other Alaskans about building a fair and balanced state budget, and exploring the question of what kind of Alaska they want to live in. Alaskans have come together many times in the past. With leadership from Alaska legislators and Alaskans across the state, a sound fiscal plan leading to a strong economy can be achieved.

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