Today 7/22/20, Mayor Ethan Berkowitz signed Emergency Order EO-14 to preserve health and save lives in the Municipality of Anchorage. EO-14 returns our community to a modified version of Phase Two in the Safe Anchorage: Roadmap to Reopening the Municipality of Anchorage plan. EO-14 limits public interactions in high-risk situations such as bars, restaurants, gyms, bingo halls, and other indoor facilities, through capacity and gathering limitations. These regulations supersede EO-10 in part and take effect Friday, July 24, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. The portions of EO-10 (“Maintenance”) and its attachments that do not conflict with this order remain in effect.

The current surge in COVID-19 cases is threatening the strength of our health system, imperiling our ability to safely reopen schools, and endangering the lives and wellbeing of Anchorage residents.

Right now, being indoors with people from other households is the riskiest place residents can be for catching and spreading COVID-19. Additionally, the widespread community transmission and reduction in contact tracing capacity do not meet the risk metrics established in Phase 3 of the Roadmap to Reopening plan.

EO-14 enacts the following:

  1. Gathering Limitations: Indoor gatherings are limited to no more than 25 people. Outdoor gatherings involving consumption of food or drink are limited to 50 people or fewer. This does not limit shopping at farmer’s markets or outdoor food-truck events or the continuation of drive-in events where groups remain in separate vehicles and maintain physical distancing.
  2. Bars and Nightclub Capacity Limited: Bars and nightclubs are limited to 25% of maximum building occupancy indoors and outdoors; including staff and customers.
  3. Restaurant and Brewery Capacity Limited: Restaurants and breweries are limited to 50% of maximum building occupancy indoors; including staff and customers. Outdoors, restaurants are limited to table service, with tables no less than 10 feet apart.
  4. Capacity Limitations at Gyms, Bingo Halls, Theaters, and Other Recreation and Entertainment Facilities: Indoor entertainment and recreation facilities including gyms and bingo halls are limited to 50% of building occupancy.
  5. Legible Visitor Logs Required: All establishments serving the public in a sit-down setting, or for an in-person appointment or service lasting fifteen minutes or longer, must keep a legible record of the first and last name, phone number, and email address of all adult customers or clients for no less than 30 days. This information will only be collected if needed for contact tracing or enforcement of this order.
  6. Communication of Known COVID-19 Exposure to Employees Required: All businesses and other entities must communicate with employees as well as state and local health departments regarding any known COVID-19 exposure. All businesses and other entities must assist the state and local health departments with informing customers or clients of a known COVID-19 exposure at the workplace.
  7. Additional Requirements for Hotels and Other Lodging: Management at hotels and other places of lodging must keep employees informed if they are housing individuals in quarantine or isolation due to travel, exposure to COVID-19, or COVID-19 diagnosis. Names of individuals with COVID-19 shall be kept confidential. Management must also supply adequate personal protective equipment, sanitation, and cleaning supplies to employees.

EO-14 is posted to the Emergency Orders page of the Municipality’s COVID-19 website.

Businesses that have questions about EO-14 or about the Municipality’s COVID-19 response may email

Anchorage residents seeking more information about EO-14 or about the Municipality’s COVID-19 response may email or leave a voicemail at 343-4019.

The actions we take today matter and impact our future. To stay safe, continue to keep social bubbles small, wear cloth face coverings in indoor public places, stay 6 feet away from others, and wash hands often.

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