In late November I flew to the AICA-International (art critics) conference in Taipei to read my paper, ‘Arctic Environmental Challenges through Virtuality’. In between sessions, I toured several Taiwan art museums. Traveling back to Anchorage, I stopped in Tokyo to take advantage of their major art venues. Of Note: this past week has been very stressful to Anchorage and vicinity as incessant aftershocks, especially at 3am, deprive citizens of sleep. I get it! I hope that this short romp through Asian art provides some diversion, both informative and at times funny.

Asian art was something my art history classes ignored. It was always the last chapter in textbooks, and never assigned. However, art lovers have traveled for centuries to the Orient, absorbing/adopting techniques of the ‘other’. Flat shapes and storytelling seen as scroll-landscapes influenced Impressionists from Claude Monet to Mary Cassatt. Japonisme became a decorating style in late nineteenth century Western culture. Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Mikado’ satirizes Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1868), a time of hierarchical order but also the flowering of much culture.

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