By Colin Roshak

Since the start of the #MeToo movement, performance has become an essential tool for many artists in interpreting and understanding the nuances of the movement. Timothy Daly’s The Ice Maiden dives into these nuances and attempts to provoke thought about the effects of sexual harassment and the enduring effects of the #MeToo movement.

#MeToo has raised the awareness of sexual misconduct and has forced many to reevaluate their actions and attitudes in both their professional and social spheres. #MeToo and other empowerment movements like it have provoked thought, ignited change and raised new questions. Questions of consent, stigmatization, trust and callout culture, just to name a few. All of these are brought to the fore and investigated in Daly’s writing.

The play has only two characters — Rose, played by Maddy Klever, is a young actress whose come forward and accused an unnamed Hollywood executive of assaulting her. Claudia, played by Krista M. Schwarting, is a hard-nosed lawyer who’s considering representing the alleged perpetrator. The play is in one act and one uninterrupted scene set in Claudia’s office, as the two discuss Rose’s allegations. At first, Claudia seems to be strictly the antagonist, there to rebut Rose’s claims and destroy her credibility. But through their hour-long meeting, it becomes clear that it might not be so black and white.

RKP founding member and director Dick Reichman looks forward to the challenges of engaging with such politicized, complex topics. “This is a show about people for folks like me who are interested in politics, political issues and really love a political drama when we take a political issue and turn it into a human story,” he said. “[Daly] manages to take us into the lives of these women and see the relationship between them… and their lives engross the political issues and the story is purely human.”

The Ice Maiden engages with the complex, nuanced subject of based around the #MeToo movement and the ensuing fallout since the ousting of Harvey Weinstein. In the play, Daly asks unanswerable questions and attempts to explore the gray areas in the national conversation around sexual misconduct.

RKP Productions presents The Ice Maiden at the Anchorage Museum, which will run for three weeks. Tickets can be purchased at

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