Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez

Should a Stand-Up Comedy Hall of Fame ever be erected, no inaugural class would be complete without the induction of Paul Rodriguez.

Beginning his career in the early 1980s, Rodriguez was the first mainstream Latino comedian to not be a stereotype of something akin to Telemundo vaudeville. Instead, Rodriguez established gravitas speaking about observational and true-to-life experiences and the philosophies to be gleaned from them no differently than contemporaries like Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher and Bob Saget. More than 40 years and a parade of Latino comics following in his footsteps later, the legendary comic with more than 90 acting credits to his name returns to Anchorage for a show Saturday night at the Dena’ina Center, his first visit to the state in five years.


C3E01M SACRAMENTO, CA - May 5: Paul Rodriguez performs at Thunder Valley Casino on May 5, 2011 in Rocklin, CA


DJP827 Jul 13, 2008 - Costa Mesa, California, U.S. - Actor and comedian, PAUL RODRIGUEZ, takes a self portrait with his son, PAUL RODRIGUEZ, at the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding contest in Costa Mesa. Paul Rodriguez, 23, who's skateboarding stance is Goofy, took the $100,000 first place prize in the men's pro street three day contest. (Credit Image: © Steven K. Doi/

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