Losing the race

By John H. McWhorter

Simon and Schuster 

LOSING THE RACE is, by far, the most explosive book of this era, both because of the author and the subject. First of the author. Dr. McWhorter is highly educated with a Ph. D. from Stanford and is an associate professor at Columbia University. He is black and his views on race are relevant, centrist and liberal enough he appeared as a distinguished guest on the hard-core, left-wing REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHR. McWhorter has the credentials to discuss the subject of race.

LOSING THE RACE is a mind-blowing book primarily because it explodes – with documentary evidence, logic and farsighted analysis – three of the most prevalent myths of black in America today. The thesis of the book is the black 'movement' is 'self-sabotaging' itself in three ways. First, blacks continue to view themselves as victims. This may have been a reality in the 1960s but has ceased to be a factor. Black income and job opportunities are now equal to whites. Affirmative Action passed in 1971 so there has been half a century of blacks 'catching up' to whites. Second, blacks continue to view themselves as "different" from whites culturally.  This, McWhorter asserts, is also inaccurate. There is no 'black America' or 'white America.' There is just 'America,' and as blacks make more money they 'move on up,' to use the catchphrase of THE JEFFERSONS.  Third, blacks suffer from anti-intellectualism which has transformed American education. Teachers at all levels are hesitant to discuss any subject that even touches on race. This has led to the reality of an era where being black is more important than being educated. The result has been a depreciation of American education at all levels.  

This is a critical book for all Americans to read right now because we are at a chilling point in race relations.  White Supremacy is on the rise and the root cause, Affirmative Action, is still unresolved. For five decades, blacks less qualified than white males have been hired, given contracts, promoted and honored in full public view. The simmering anger of whites showed itself in the January 6th invasion of capitol when a white supremacist President urged his white supporters to ‘take back our country.’ LOSING THE RACE offers sound advice for both blacks and whites because we cannot continue on the current path of race relations in this country. 

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