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By  Gordon Parker 

As an Alaskan, writer and historian I am always pleased when an author ‘gets it right.’ For me there is nothing worse than a novel set in Alaska which has the feel of the city where the author lives – and that is not in Alaska.  And if you have never been to Juneau, it’s hard to leave the fingerprint of the community in your writing. Fortunately A SHOOTING AT AUKE BAY was written by an Alaskan who has lived in Juneau and the book has a feeling for the northland. 

The undercurrent of the novel is Alaskan as well. Since the Alaska Gold Rush, Alaska has been a place where people came because they were escaping from something; unemployment ‘down there,’ a failed marriage, no opportunity even if you worked hard or all of the above. The novel begins with Darcey Anderson – heroine in this third of the series – hiding out in Juneau to avoid the same fate as her husband: being shot. Typically Alaskan, she is running north from San Francisco where she uncovered an international money laundering operation which earned her and her husband the undying enmity of the money-making cabal. On page one of A SHOOTING AT AUKE BAY, it is clear Darcy and her husband didn’t run far enough.  

Or fast enough. 

A SHOOTING AT AUKE BAY has the feel of Juneau though the fast cars are, shall we say, are a ‘bit much’ for Juneau.  The book is an enjoyable read and Gordon Parker had the background for the book. His family fled to Alaska in 1959 and after Gordon received a degree in broadcast journalism, he spent the rest of life in the communication business in Alaska.  He loved to cook, which is important for his writing because every one of his books includes recipes, some unique and quite Alaskan. They add spice to his novel. 

A SHOOTING AT AUK BAY is worth the price of the book. Even if you live in Alaska it offers a snapshot of adventure you would never have considered.  Juneau, after all, is one of those towns where ‘nothing ever happens’ unless the legislature is in session and then the hijinks are all in the capitol.  A SHOOTING AT AUK BAY is an Alaskan adventure you don’t want to miss – or the recipes. 

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