My Wonderful Life


By Rick Mystrom  

Publication Consultants 

When it comes to reading, and writing, there are called 'niche books.'  These are books which are laser-focused on a single type of reader. Those books are a must-read for that niche but, for the rest of us, they are -- well -- interesting. But for the niche, they are critical. One of those must-read books is MY WONDERFUL LIFE.  If you have diabetes, this is an absolutely, positively, critical book for your survival. 

For most Anchorage residents, Rich Mystrom is ‘just’ the former mayor.  But if you have diabetes, he is a bright beacon of success in a very dark sky.  Why?  Because Mystrom has survived more than 50 years with diabetes and now has no diabetic complications.  MY WONDERFUL LIFE is how he beat the disease. 

In a lesson for all us, diabetic and those at risk, the most common causes of diabetes are bad eating habits, not exercising and being overweight. Currently, one-third of Alaskans are of average weight; the other two-thirds are at risk. But diabetes is reversible.  Mystrom has provided that.

How did Mystrom reverse his condition?  That is the subject of MY WONDERFUL LIFE. It started with his personal focus.  He started by adjusting his thinking.  He realized diabetes is not a medical problem but a personal one. Doctors cannot cure diabetes but the patient can.  So Mystrom did.  He analyzed every single meal he ate. Every single meal.  It was not easy, IS not easy, but today, half a century later, Mystrom is alive, well, and living a wonderful life.

Yes, this is a niche market book.  But with two-thirds of Alaskans at risk of getting diabetes, it should be on their bookshelf because those two-thirds of Alaskans are moving down a very dangerous road.

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