Make It Alaskan Festival

Produced by Alaska Genesis Productions Inc. and featuring over 120 Booths showcasing art, crafts, food products, jewelry, produce and many more homegrown products from Barrow to Ketchikan! The event runs through Sunday, October 7th. (Dena’ina Convention Center)

Aiviq & Nanuq: Sea Horse and Sea Bear of the Arctic

Perhaps no creatures better reflect the climate, landscape and culture of Alaska and the Arctic than the walrus and polar bear. Power and vulnerability coexist within these giants living in a massive Arctic – a distinct region known for its own striking contrasts. They are animals without equal in size and strength, yet their greatest protection comes from the ability to adapt to a changing world and a warming climate. Their lives have entwined with humans for centuries. To the first peoples of the Arctic and sub-Arctic, walrus (aiviq) and polar bear (nanuq) each have been predator, co-habitant, sustenance and spiritual ally. To generations of artists and culture-bearers, these remarkable creatures are both material and muse. They have been revered for centuries, studied by scientists, commodified by pop culture and manipulated by politicians. Through the lens of artists and artworks from Alaska and around the world, this 8,000-square-foot exhibition at the Anchorage Museum explores the ways these iconic animals offer important insight into the culture of the North and its complex future. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)

Everything is Sacred

The fluidity of culture has long interested Anchorage multi-media artist Thomas Chung, a third-generation American of Chinese heritage who grew up in Hong Kong and New York and is now an assistant professor of painting at the University of Alaska Anchorage. His work in this exhibition explores interconnectedness – the inseparability of humankind from nature, as well as the duality of the sacred and profane. Chung challenges others to consider aspects of human existence often rich in paradox, such as sexuality, spirituality, bigotry, identity, addiction and family. His practice is a search for the universal ideas, archetypes, traits and desires that make us human. Always strongly connected to painting and drawing, Chung’s body of work blends satire and mysticism through performance, large-print photography, installation and sculpture. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)


Alexander James presents The Legacy of Oil in Alaska

According to Alexander James, with the completion of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in 1977, oil production surged and then declined after 1988. “The boom generated significant short-run economic gains that were quickly diluted by inward migration. In the long-run though, the income gains may have turned into losses. (The long-run vanity of Prudhoe Bay, Resources Policy 50:270-275 · December 2016). What this means for Alaska and Alaskans are the topics for this dynamic event. (UAA Campus Bookstore, 2901 Spirit Drive)


Ooky Spooky Light Show at the Planetarium

Experience Halloween music in a new way as it surrounds and captivates you. The Ooky Spooky Light Show is a delight for the entire family. Classic and favorite Halloween tunes such as 'The Monster Mash', 'Ghostbusters', 'Thriller', and more come to life with amazing funny and spooky visuals. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)


It's Not Just Black & White

AlaskaWax is comprised of members of the International Encaustic Artists. The Alaska chapter will present “It's Not Just Black & White”, a theme show featuring encaustic or cold wax works featuring black and white with one additional color. With almost a dozen artists participating, the exhibit will present a wide interpretation on the theme. (Out North, 333 W 4th Avenue, Suite 317)

Gray, Ellenbroek and Singel

IGCA will be featuring the works of Stephen Gray, Louke Ellenbroek and Rachel Singel. Gray will present stuffed animals and nostalgic toys are deconstructed and recombined to form strange new playthings. Ellebroek will show sculptures from a collection called “Alien”. Singel’s work is inspired by nature’s underlying principles and its capacity for more complex variation. Ultimately, she seeks to observe the processes of nature and embody them in her works of art. (IGCA, 427 D Street)

Spoon, Scoop, Sieve

“All were-and are-actions of hands, extended to shells, bones, leaves, pods, grasses or whatever was at hand. These motions and materials enabled specific survival ends to be met long before humans crafted purpose-made implements. Whether noun or verb/object or action these are still widespread human activities by hand and/or machines.” This is the surge of words and ideas spurred when Simonetta asked months ago “why don’t you curate an art show-you think that way”. Such a question! Within hours it triggered a jack-in-the- box mental moment and out popped Spoon Scoop Sieve...and these were the words for the show’s concept sent out in the Call for Art. (Bivy, 419 G Street, Suite 100)

First Friday at SSP Studio

SSP Studio & Gallery is not your normal photography gallery. Here you will find some of Alaska's top talent pushing the envelope of their cameras and taking the lens to new depths. Thought provoking, intriguing and mind-blowing art. Get ready to have your mind accelerated to new level. (SSP Studio, 2217 E Tudor Road, Suite 11)

Catching Feels

Tanya Val, of That Feeling Co., debuts her solo exhibition featuring abstract paintings inspired by the warm summer days of Alaska. Tanya’s sense of freedom, individuality, and adventure are expressed through a series of acrylic paintings and mixed media, that communicate her connection to the land in muted colors of a subdued alpenglow. (Akela Collective, 320 W 6th Avenue, Suite 132F)

A Winter Week in Denali

Northern Cheyenne Native American contemporary abstractionist artist James Temte will display a series of abstract oil paintings paired with written descriptive observations of his experiences at a Denali National Park Artist in Residency completed in March. (Leah J Peterson Gallery, 4101 University Drive)

New Horizons

Multimedia artist Becky Grunder’s upcoming exhibit “New Horizons” at the APU Galleries is a result of a personal journey of discovery to find new ways to work and think about the process of painting and bring to life clay sculptural ideas inspired years ago by microscopic seeds and pods. (ConocoPhillips Gallery, 4101 University Drive)

JoAnne Noyles

JoAnne Noyles was launched into an unexpected, yet successful artist's journey through very common circumstances. She wanted to buy someone else's art, and her husband said "No, that's too expensive!" At the same store was a list to sign up for classes though, and there began her journey in silk. (Midnight Sun Café, 245 W 5th Avenue)

Home and Away

Angelini Studio & The Bagel Factory present "Home & Away" by Nancy Angelini Crawford View Angelini's paintings from her home in Alaska and national and international travels. Enjoy great bagels and good company while you're there! (The Bagel Factory, 142 W 34th Avenue)

Resolution Brewery

At age 39, James Gaddis is still playing with action figures, so to speak. From Stormtroopers on patrol in Seward, to Vader terrorizing Turnagain Arm, James captures life-like images of high-quality toys out in the wild. With a heavy focus on Star Wars, James also plans to bring some frightening figure photos to Resolution to celebrate the Halloween season. (Resolution Brewery, 4024 Mountain View Drive)

Guitta Corey

Guitta Corey holds a degree in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design but moved to Anchorage in 1979. In 1980 Corey opened Solstice Press, a stone lithogrophy studio in Anchorage. There, she collaborated as a master printer with some of Alaska's most skilled artists. With a master’s degree in teaching, Guitta also worked as an art teacher for the Anchorage School District for 13 years before she left to become a full-time artist. Guitta has created some brand-new pieces for their show using the technique known as chigiri-e or "painting with paper" and we could not be more excited to share them with you! In addition, they will also be celebrating Jacqui's 70th birthday with live music and cake! (2 Friends Gallery, 341 E Benson Boulevard)

Rejoy Armamento

Illustrations by Rejoy Armamento and music by Nick Carpenter. (Uncle Leroy’s Coffee, 701 W 36th Avenue)

Scott Clendaniel

Local oil painter, Scott Clendaniel is hosting an open studio event for October's First Friday Art Walk. See a real painting studio, preview the newest oil paintings, see works in progress, meet the artist, and enjoy complementary refreshments. (Real Art is Better, 333 W 4th Avenue, Suite 4)

Anchorage Distillery

Join us for cocktails and sip while you shop local artists including: Modern Mortem - Claire makes wonderfully funky found object jewelry, Bramble AK - Meg stitches gorgeous wrap skirts and handbags and Christine Sundly - Fine Art and Design. (Anchorage Distillery, 6310 A Street)

First Firkin Friday

In part with the Grand Opening of the Midnight Sun Brewing Company Dining Hall and Williwaw Super Party extravaganza weekend, two talented artists Joel Loosli and Joe Kaneshiro will be collaborating to bring the walls of SteamDot and birch playful and custom pieces of metal artwork ranging from Alaskan inspiration to pop culture. Come meet these two down to earth artists as they share their journey and favorite current medium. Along with the meet and greet reception featuring a specially made Star Wars themed “Dark Side” cocktail, Midnight Sun Brewing is christening the event with the very First - First Friday Firkin ever at Williwaw Social featuring MSBC's Festbeer - a traditional Oktoberfest beer with cinnamon and nutmeg. (Williwaw, 609 F Street)


Tempus Corpus Locus

For the month of October, local printmaker Levi Werner will be showing works focused on themes of existentialism, consumerism, and entertainment. Applying the methods of relief and intaglio, Levi calls upon traditional techniques to describe ideas he has about the current day and age. Opening Reception with snacks provided, beer and wine for sale. Runs through November 1. To see his process, follow Levi on instagram @Levitikusart, or go to to see his prints and sketchbooks. (Snow City Café, 1034 W 4th Avenue)

Urban Moose

New collection of oil paintings in small and large format. Meet artist Denise Broussard and enjoy her whimsical paintings of bulls, mamas, and calves as they linger among flowers, visit iconic downtown buildings, and sneak up on us through Coastal Trail tunnels! Enjoy refreshments and live music. (Stephan Fine Arts, 939 W 5th Avenue)

Pumped Up Color

Unveiling of new-to-gallery Canadian artist, Emma Barr. Northern Landscapes meet in-your-face color. Enjoy refreshments, Kaladi coffee, beer, and wine! (Captain Cook Coffee Cubby, 939 W 5th Avenue)

Jewelry Truck Show

Gemstones, sterling, gold, and pearls adorn the hand-forged wearable art by this captivating Portland artist. Enjoy refreshments and live music. (The Crest Gallery in the Captain Cook Hotel, 939 W 5th Avenue)

Gallimaufric Science Art Show

Gallimaufric Science - an artistic exposition combining science and imagination by married artist team Raven Amos and Scott Elyard - continues at the Indigo Tea Lounge for the month of October! Come see the opening on First Friday with an artist meet-and-greet. Mention this ad at the event and receive a free postcard! (Indigo Tea Lounge, 530 E Benson Boulevard)


Anchorage Concerts Art Exhibition

Celebrating the work of Alaska Native artists, including Percy Avugiak, Allie High, Benjamin Schleifman, Drew Michael, Heather Hanak Dongoski, Tammy Holland, William Kozoloff, and Danielle Larsen, the exhibition's curator. Presented by Anchorage Concert Association in conjunction with The Sweet Remains concert on Oct. 5 in the Discovery Theatre and ALAXSXA | ALASKA performances Oct. 5-6 in the Sydney Laurence Theatre. Art exhibition is free. Tickets to the shows available at CenterTix and (Voth Hall, 621 W 6th Avenue)

Brian Hartman

Sevigny Studio presents Alaska wildlife and landscape photographer Brian Hartman with his show “Wild Alaska”. Brian’s photos capture the diffused light in a winter sunset, or Dahl sheep ascending a rugged cliff in crisp alluring images. His show also has an Alaskan bush plane theme. Local talent Meg Anderson, on guitar and vocals, will play what she terms “Rebel-Country” - sometimes country, sometimes folk, swing, or blues. Her show will include tunes from her two albums; Sweet Blue and Wended Road. (Sevigny Studios, 608 W 4th Avenue)

Off the Wall

The Girdwood Center for Visual Arts is pleased to show the work of 16 local sculpture artists including: Mariano Gonzales, Shoko Takahashi, Cindy Shake and DRB Andrews. Join them for their opening reception which will feature many of the artists as well as refreshments. (GCVA, 194 Olympic Mountain Loop)

Fish First Friday

Join us for an evening of art, poetry and music celebrating our connecting to fish, and learn about how you can get involved in the movement to protect salmon habitat. Featuring art by Thor Evenson and poetry by the Fisher Poets: Steve Schoonmaker and Georgie Heaverley. (The Writer’s Block, 3956 Spenard Road)

Close-Up: Howard Rock's Typewriter

Learn about the history of the Tundra Times newspaper and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act through discussion and close look at the typewriter of newspaper’s editor and change-maker Howard Rock. Space is limited; registration recommended. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)

Rapid Space Shorts

These quick planetarium experiences range from constellation tours of the night sky to cruising around the solar system to learning about light and the aurora borealis. (Thomas Planetarium, Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)

Abbie Cleek

Michaela pours her heart and soul into her Succulent Art. Born in Alaska, her paternal family's part of the original colonist to settle the town of Palmer. The other side of her family is from Atlanta, GA, where she was raised after her family left Alaska when she was 2 years old. Her grandma, who lived near Atlanta, had a love for Succulents that was passed down to Michaela during her years living in the South. (Tequila 61, 445 W 4th Avenue)


Walrus Stories

Hear from four Alaska Native artists and educators who share stories, observations and experiences they’ve had with walruses. Alvin Amason is a Sugpiaq painter and sculptor living and working in Alaska. Amason left Alaska for his artistic training, studying in Washington and Arizona. He then returned in the 1980s to his home state where he continues to live, teach, and create work. Amason combines painting and sculptural techniques, often attaching three dimensional elements to canvas. Amason’s work draws upon his Sugpiaq culture and experiences as a child. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)

Anne Frank House

Learn about the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust in this pop-up exhibition organized by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in collaboration with the Netherlands’ Honorary Consulate in Anchorage. Opening remarks at 6:30 p.m. followed by tours at 7 and 8 pm. (Anchorage Museum, 625 C Street)


ACT Presents “Two Jews Walk into a War”

“Ishaq and Zeblyan are the last remaining Jews in Afghanistan. They share the only remaining synagogue that has not been destroyed by the Taliban. They share a mission to repopulate the Jewish community in Kabul. But they also hate each other. Can this Middle Eastern odd couple commit to one incredible act of faith to keep the diaspora alive without killing one other?” (From Playscripts, Inc.) Janet Stoneburner directs acclaimed actor/director/playwright Dick Reichman and the 2018 Press Pick for Best Actor Mark Stoneburner in Seth Rozin’s two-person dark comedy about contemporary Jewish diaspora, inspired by news stories of the early 2000s. This play contains some adult language and references and may be best suited to mature audiences. Tickets are available at (Anchorage Community Theatre, 1133 E 70th Avenue)

Northern Lights Model Railroad

First Friday means it is Open House night at the Northern Lights Model Railroad Club! Stop in anytime between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, and you will have a chance to see the model trains in operation and explore the miniature world hidden in Russian Jack Springs Park, off DeBarr Road, in Anchorage. Members will be on hand to point out the highlights and answer questions. This event is free, and children are welcome. (Northern Lights Model Railroad Club, 1340 Lidia Selkregg Lane)


The Sweet Remains

Three gifted and charismatic singer-songwriters gathered in a Rhode Island hotel room for a jam session in 2007 and emerged with the genesis of something divine. Rich Price, Greg Naughton, and Brian Chartrand became The Sweet Remains, a folk-rock group whose strong, evocative lyrics have been compared to folk-rockers Ray LaMontagne and David Gray. But it’s their smooth-and-sweet-as-crème-brûlée harmonies that harken back to groups like Crosby, Stills & Nash and Simon & Garfunkel. The trio starred in ''The Independents,'' a 2018 feature film loosely based on the band's career and have garnered more than 30 million plays on Spotify, a rare milestone for an indie band. Settle in for a warm, charming concert of gorgeous harmonies and inviting melodies. Tickets are available at (Discovery Theatre, 621 W 6th Avenue)


"Cultures collide and coexist in Ping Chong + Company’s sumptuous anthropological collage ALAXSXA | ALASKA. This theatrical feast bursts with vitality as vast as its subject." -Time Out New York. Created by innovative theater masters Ping Chong + Company, ALAXSXA | ALASKA (uh-LUCK-shkuh) weaves puppetry, video, recorded interviews, and yuraq (Yup'ik drum and dance) in a collage of striking contemporary and historical encounters between Alaska Native communities and newcomers in our state. Performers Ryan Conarro, Gary Upay’aq Beaver (Central Yup’ik), and puppeteer Justin Perkins reveal little-known histories — at times humorous, at times tragic — and juxtapose them against their own personal histories as “insider” and “outsider” in The Last Frontier. Experience intimate encounters with a multimedia performance as epic as the changing landscapes of Alaska. Since 1975, New York-based Ping Chong + Company has produced theatrical works addressing the important cultural and civic issues of our times, striving to reach the widest audiences with the greatest level of artistic innovation and social integrity. Contains explicit language. Presented by the Anchorage Concert Association. Tickets are available at (Sydney Laurence Theatre, 621 W 6th Avenue)


First Friday Comedy Showcase

Liven up your First Fridays with free laughs! Each month, we feature a new line-up of Alaska's best stand-up comedians. 2nd floor of Hard Rock Cafe Anchorage, doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm, $5 suggested cash donation, 21 and up. (Hard Rock Café, 415 E Street)


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