Executive Bone Yard


By Michael Sisti 

EXECUTIVE BONE YARD is either one of the most frightening books you will ever read – or the most important real world, educational books you should read.  It is the flip-side of the Hollywood ‘everything turns out well in the end.’  It is a ruthless, grimy, as close to where-the rubber-meets-the-road look at what really happens when businesses fall deep into the red and the owners do everything they can – legally, illegally, disreputably and questionable – to save themselves, their companies, their families and their sanity. 

This is not a book for the faint of heart.  It is a sleazy, agonizing slice of life drama following a discredited, ethically-lacking attorney who changes his identity to become what he is really good at: preying on failing businesses who think he is going to help them survive.  That is not the case and the book is an on-the-ground look at what most likely really happens to good people who trust the wrong man. 

What is particularly informative about this book is the author has the expertise to write the book. Michael Sisti earned his inside look at business the hard way.  From a small business entrepreneur to the Chief Communications Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, he has had nut-and-bolts experience in business at all administrative levels – including an advertising and sales promotion agency where “every partner went their own way.” 

Again, EXECUTIVE BONE YARD is not a feel-good book. It is a work of entrepreneurial terror. That being said, it is required for every businessperson who sees nothing but beer and skittles in their future. No one knows what tomorrow will bring and as frightening as it is in real life, you have to know what the flip side of success can be. For a glimpse of that flip side, read EXECUTIVE BONE YARD – but keep your seat belt buckled because the literary ride will be wild. 

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