Anne Shirley is a powerful character. First brought to life by L.M. Montgomery in her 1908 novel, the stories of the precocious redhead have been adapted into films, radio productions, television movies, animated series', web productions, and several stage productions. One of those that appears on stage is Joseph Robinette's Anne of Green Gables, presented by TBA Theatre, and directed by Colby Bleicher, which opened last weekend at APU Grant Hall.

Brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are looking forward to meeting the young orphan boy that they are adopting to help at their farm, Green Gables. The Cuthberts quiet and routine lives are disrupted by the accidental delivery of a girl. Anne is smart, spirited, and outspoken, with a talent for getting into trouble. Soon Anne wins over not only the Cuthberts, but the other residents of the town of Avonlea as well. Anne begins to develop friendships, experience adventure, make mistakes, and find success on her journey from troubled child, to joyful adult.

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