‘Picture Ecology’ edited by Karl Kusserow, consists of fifteen essays with imagery that address Climate Change, not only by artists constructing in the present, by past artists who may have inadvertently foreseen the future. This tome is not only good for creators deciding on how to approach their next project but museum-goers scrutinizing a work’s hidden secrets for relevance today.

Using Global Warming as a theme for making art is now very popular. Implementing the socio-political alerts the public to circumstances, and allows producers and audiences to share in discussions, admittedly vicariously. For several decades, the art world exhibited narcissistic narratives, many in tableaux format. Artists gathered household objects and recreated garages or bedrooms in galleries with accompanying texts that bemoaned the mundane. The debate ensues as to whether all this helps to clean up the environment; at least it’s a needed aesthetic change.


An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump, 1768, Joseph Wright.


Pendant with a Monstrous Pearl in the Form of a Madonna, Netherlandish Artist,1640-50.


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