With intermittent swigs from a shiny commemorative tankard of nonalcoholic mead, an inspired patron rips a bite away from a freshly deep-fried turkey leg. As he devours his fowl, the stocky, bearded man remains engrossed in watching the physical contest just yards away. Two knights are embroiled in a faux fight replete with sword clanks and vocalized grunts with each swing. In the town square, down a muddy path, covered with straw, a large group of patrons, in pairs, are prancing a Saltarello dance to a festive composition played by musicians playing the lute, a hurdy-gurdy, and a tambourine. In one corner of the square, sparks fly up from a blacksmith’s forge as she hammers and shapes metal adjacent to patrons posing for photos in the stocks.

The 3 Barons Renaissance Fair opens June 4th and will run Saturday and Sunday over two consecutive weekends. With 300 cast members, 66 craft booths, and 20 food vendors, the 2022 edition offers family and friends a memorable participatory experience as they are transported back in time for a day of sword fighting, royal promenades, jester storytelling, and throwing tomatoes at Shakespearean actors.

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